Chicago PD Season 10: Is it Coming to the end?

The police department in Chicago is in a precarious position. Some substantial changes were hinted at in the current episode, dubbed “Fractures,” which aired last night. Whether he saves himself, Upton, or Voight (Jason Beghe), a tough decision.

Chicago PD’s current plight has some viewers questioning whether the show is heading for an end. What will happen to the program if Voight is convicted of murdering Roy Walton (Michael Maize)?


In light of the fact that Chicago PD will be taking a break and not airing for a few weeks, this seems particularly appropriate. The ninth season and the show is future are covered in this guide.

Chicago PD Season 10: Is it Coming to the end?

Chicago PD Season 10: Is it Coming to the end? There are no intentions to end the storyline of the program any time soon, since it has been drawing in excellent numbers. The show is loyal following would receive at least one more season.

TV Series Finale reports that season 9 episodes averaged an 18-49 rating of 0.74 million viewers. When compared to other procedural series, these statistics are slightly lower than season 8’s.

Rick Eid, the show is executive producer, has hinted at a slew of character developments. During an interview with TV Line, Eid said that Voight will be the focus of the program is 2021 police officer storyline.

During the season finale, Eid said that Voight’s change of heart had been shown to be difficult, especially when he was put through the wringer. In the end, it is a question Voight will have to answer for himself.” How often do you get this question?”

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Is the Chicago Police Department going to be canceled?

One Chicago’s 2020 crossover event would be in jeopardy if Chicago PD were to be taken off the air. With COVID and scheduling issues, has postponed a big crossover tale until 2021.

We have a strategy programs, and we know exactly what we are going to accomplish and how big it is,” Haas said. Nevertheless, the Delta variation compelled us to make a decision.” We are glad to report that the IU team will remain universe, given the full scope of their objectives.

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