Chaos in traffic due to a protest by long-distance bus drivers: “Indefinitely”

a protest of long-distance bus drivers, which began this morning, caused a chaos in downtown Buenos Aires: more than 20 buses will park in South Diagonal and Bolivar. Drivers demand an “extension” from the Government for the change of units. The protest, which has already lasted several hours, generated a great vehicular chaos in the downtown area and Buenos Aires downtown. ”We need two more years of extension for the model of tourism transport buses. Before the pandemic, it was 15 years for the change of groups and today it is 13 years for the change of unit,” said Ariel Porciel, spokesperson for the tourism driver carriers. Guarded by a dozen members of the City Police , with three cell phones and motorcycles, the demonstrators announced this morning that They will remain in the place “for an indefinite period of time, until they are received by officials” of the Ministry of Transportation. Although this afternoon a meeting was held between the drivers and the Government, in the absence of an agreement, the carriers confirmed that they will camp in the downtown until they are received again. Protest by long-distance buses in the downtown Drivers claim the Government an “extension” for the change of units in passenger transport, but the Ministry of Transport clarified in a statement that this extension, which originally expired last year, “remains in force” until June. to the protest of a group of owners of free service buses and tourism that is affecting traffic in the vicinity of Plaza de Mayo, in the first place, it is reported that Decree 788/2021 is still in force, which extended 6 more months, that is to say until June of this year, the authorization of the 2008 model motor transport vehicles, which expired last year”, clarified the portfolio headed by Alexis Guerrera. The regulations responded to an exception measure within the framework of the law due to the (coronavirus) pandemic, since the normal term for the units is ten years of useful life. In this sense, the Ministry considered that the terms are “vital to continue prioritizing the safety” of passengers. “In addition, the free service and tourism bus sector fully and normally developed their activity during the summer season, registering historical records in the number of Argentine men and women who traveled by the whole country. They will also be able to make use of the festive dates and long weekends to come until June, they highlighted from the Transportation portfolio”, they highlighted from Transportation.With information from Telam

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