Catch on Air Drama My sweet dear episode 5 & 6

My sweet dear episode 5 & 6

My Sweet Dear, a K-drama, has gotten a lot of attention since it is one of those BL dramas that focuses on all of the key parts of the characters’ lives at the same time, including their personal and professional lives. The secret to this drama’s success this year has been its balance. Let’s examine what we already know about the next music!


The gap between Do Gun and Jung Woo has been shrinking in past shows of My Sweet Dear. They’ve taken the first step in getting to know one other, which occurs after Do Gun gets intoxicated and is driven home by Jung Woo.

Do Gun is perplexed when he awakens up the next morning & finds himself in someone else’s home. But what he doesn’t expect is the level of care he gets on the other end. When it comes to cooking, Do Gun & Jung Woo are competitors, and it’s all down to Laura for forcing them to compete.

When Jung Woo goes thru the sticky notes, kitchen help books, and other materials, Do Gun realises how hard he tries to channel his desire. The scenario then turns to a frigid storeroom, where they have a tender moment together. Do Gun asks if he’s okay towards the end of the episode, but he doesn’t get a response due to several interruptions.

Plot Theories for Episodes 5 and 6!

In this episode, we can get to see tingling tender moments that will be worth viewing, just like the previous ones. Do Gun will be spotted on the beach catching clams, but he will soon be joined by a new business other than Jung Woo’s.

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Both will be seen having fun at the hangout, while Do Gun will be seen chasing Jung Woo in order to intimidate him. Aside from that, as we all know, the show’s major focus is cooking, and it will be working the entire time. This will also allow us to learn the secret behind why they both chose this job.

My Sweet Dear’s forthcoming episodes will be available to view on at least two well-known sites, including WeTV & Rakuten Viki. The plot appears to be proceeding in the most logical order, beginning with the hate trope, and we may now get to experience the emergence of new emotions between the two protagonists, who appear to be completely oblivious of their feelings.

When Will The Next Episode Be Available?

My Sweet Dear has a lot of followers, thus the company is releasing two episodes on the same day, Monday, to meet their wishes. The day would be the same this time, thus you’ll be able to view the most recent episode on the given platforms on November 4, 2021.

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