Carnival Row Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Updates

Carnival Row is a René Echevarria and Travis Beacham-created American neo-noir fantasy online television series. It is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The series’ first season earned great reviews from fans and has already gained popularity among viewers. Carnival Row received an 8/10 rating on IMDb for its first season.

Furthermore, the series’ backstory is inspired by Travis Beacham’s movie script, A Killing on Carnival Row. The series is heavily influenced by the happenings in the world on a daily basis. The only difference is that there are no creatures shedding each other’s blood but, sadly, the humans themselves.

Here are all the relevant details regarding Carnival season 2, including the cast, plot, release date, and updates.

Carnival Row Season 2 Release Date Update

Carnival Row’s first season launched on Amazon Prime Video on August 30, 2019. In July 2019, Amazon Prime renewed the first season for a second season even before its release. Nevertheless, it has not been premiered to date. Although the primary reason for the delay is the COVID-19 pandemic because of which shooting was a difficult task to do. However, there are also other reasons responsible for the setback. One of the executive producers, Marc Guggenheim, is engaged somewhere else. Moreover, the show’s co-creator, Travis Beacham has left the show in 2019 due to some productive differences in the plot.


Previously the show was supposed to be out in August 2021. But now it’s been more than a month, but there is still no news regarding season 2. It is presumed to be released by the end of 2021. Perhaps, the only thing we can do for now as fans is to wait.

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Who is going to be in Carnival Row Season 2?

The following are going to be the cast members in the upcoming season:

  • Rycroft Philostrate- Orlando Bloom
  • Ezra Spurnrose- Andrew Gower
  • Piety Breakspear- Indira Varma
  • Vignette Stonemoss- Cara Delevingne
  • Absalom Breakspear- Jared Harris
  • Imogen Spurnrose- Tamzin merchant
  • Tourmaline Larou- Karla crome
  • Agreus Astrayon- David Gyasi
  • Runyon Millworthy- Simon McBurney
  • Jonah Breakspear- Diletantish Froushan

What can we expect from season 2?

After observing the final episode of season 1, it appeared that a fresh struggle between Vignette and Philo had begun, ushering in a new age in Carnival Row. Moreover, we saw how Jonah and Sophie are becoming closer together. This leads to seeing a political alliance between them that could spell disaster for non-humans everywhere in the next season.

Audiences will learn more about Philo and Vignette, as well as their teamwork in the fight for Fae independence. We can expect the romance between Imogen Spurnrose and Agreus Astrayon to take an unexpected turn as they battle everything that stands in their way. Moreover, Some striking revelations will engage the audience even more with the upcoming episodes and will be very entertaining.

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