Carmela Bárbaro, on how she accompanies her daughter after the death of Gerardo Rozín: “I have no choice but to be strong”

March 12 the death of Gerardo Rozin at 51, the victim of a brain tumor, shocked the entire country. The driver of La Peña de Morfi had decided to keep his situation within the framework of his privacy, to preserve his children. His ex-wife, the journalist Carmela Bárbaro, was a fundamental piece in respecting his will, but also in containing their daughter, Elena, 12 years old. This Saturday, the Intratables expanelist told what it was like to go through that difficult moment. “I have no choice but to be strong. I don’t know if it’s a merit or a choice, it seems to me that there is no other option, in the same way that I know that there is no other option than to be well at some point. We are going to get ahead, with the pain that it entails and with the mark that will surely be for life, for me, for my children and for my daughter, above all”, explained Bárbaro, in dialogue with Catalina Dlugi, in the Agarrate Catalina radio cycle. “It was a hard process, really hard. I found out when he found out, basically. We talked and were connected. And we were making the decisions that seemed correct to us at every moment, ”he indicated, referring to how they were handling the information they gave Elena.“ We talked a lot. In some things we agreed and in others, we did not. But I think I did everything I could to respect his will, something that seemed important to me so that he could go through it in the best possible way. There is no ‘best way’ and there is no manual that explains how to go through such a situation with children, ”he indicated. The will of the journalist from Rosario was to keep his illness in the strictest secrecy, and he had a very important reason. “I think he really was doing what he felt he had to do. For this reason, the first thing I always said was that I am very grateful that you have respected his decision to keep this for his privacy. It was a very specific request, first for his intimates, but later, when many people already knew about it, also for them. It was a gesture of care. He didn’t do it for him. He did not want his children to go through a year with such a powerful foreign gaze and with this anguish. We also didn’t know it was going to be a year, because in these diseases time is not a mathematical question. And he wanted to preserve the boys’ daily lives, “said his ex-wife. Regarding how her daughter went through the disease process and the subsequent death of her father, Bárbaro indicated:” There is no way. No one is prepared to face such an event. I am an adult woman and I cannot get used to the idea that my father is missing; imagine her Nothing cushions the pain or the impact. I think all the time, the feeling is that you can’t believe it; as if it were a movie. It’s something that happens to adults and children”. “I got the advice I could, I got a lot of support from my family and from professionals who advised me to go slowly, according to the information that was emerging at the time and without getting ahead of myself, Because diseases are progressive. Therefore, giving such shocking news so long in advance did not make much sense. He was dosing what was happening at the time, ”he revealed, about how he accompanied his daughter in that difficult moment.“ I insist that the figure of his father is present, that we do not necessarily remember him in a sad way. And, above all, I want you to be clear that the death of her father is not a taboo subject. Sometimes we remember funny things or his favorite songs, but if at another time he gets sad, that’s fine. The hardest thing is to return to the routine, it becomes difficult because you are not the same person. It’s like getting into a moving car, ”Barbaro reflected on his daughter’s present.

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