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Cardi B recently revealed that she “felt like a teen” when she met Robert Pattinson

Cardi B recently revealed that she “felt like a teen” when she met Robert Pattinson at an event. J-Lo and the WAP vocalist make their feature film debut in Hustlers, which was released in 2019. When she played an old acquaintance of Dom Torreto’s named Leysa, the Grammy-winning singer featured.

While the tenth episode of the series will be released in 2023, she will also be a part of it. As a result of a humorous discussion between the rapper and Penn Badgley. Fans have lately petitioned for her to appear in season two of the Netflix series YOU.

What is Pattinson doing currently?

Actor Robert Pattinson is presently preparing to play as Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ new crusader, The Batman, which also has Zoe Kravitz, Colin Farrell and Andy Serkis in the cast. While Pattinson has had a long and successful acting career, the Twilight trilogy has been hailed as the trigger for his ascent to popularity.

Despite his many other notable roles. Actor Robert Pattinson portrayed Edward Cullen in the popular young-adult vampire series. This became a cultural touchstone because of its devoted fan base. Apparently, one of those Grammy winners is now one of those admirers.

After meeting Robert Pattinson at an event, Cardi said she felt like teenager. They made their feature picture debuts in 2019 with Hustlers, starring J-Lo and WAP singer. Leysa, an old friend of Dom Torreto’s, was highlighted when she appeared in the role of Leysa.

Pattinson’s new connection with Cardi B is heartwarming

Cardi B posted a video on Twitter of her meeting Twilight actor Kristen Stewart at an event. Before bringing Pattinson into view, the actress first films herself and adds. The actor is clearly delighted to see Cardi as he grins ear-to-ear. Fans were amused by the coupling, which they believed was a little out of the ordinary.

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Pattinson’s new connection with Cardi B is heartwarming. Perhaps fans can look forward to a future pairing between the two actors when Pattinson begins his acting career. Following Cardi B’s cameo in Fast and Furious, we will be eager to see what future ventures each celebrity has in store. Currently, Cardi B is clearly on the Edward side.

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