Can I sleep anywhere in a motorhome?

The warm temperatures threaten our nights, the little ones have finished school and we are at the gates of the first holidays. It is the ideal time for leisure vehicles such as motorhomes, campers and caravans. The rise of houses on wheels has been unstoppable over the last five years, a trend that was boosted by the pandemic and the constant changes in freedom of movement. In that sense, no hotel offers you the adaptability and flexibility that travel with your bed on your back means. Yes, in Spain it is not always possible to sleep where we would most like and we must know the regulations on overnight and camping In our country. It is possible that if you are initiated in the world of caravanning, you have never heard the overnight concept. To know if you can, or not, sleep inside your motorhome or camper it is essential differentiate it from camping. This last action refers to the assembly of the exterior equipment of your vehicle when it is parked, such as the awning, outside tables and chairs and even the placement of furniture or the use of shower or generator if incorporateda. The overnight is the act of sleeping inside of the motorhome or camper, without using the perimeter of the van in question. Wild camping is illegal in Spain but overnight stays are not.

Where can I spend the night freely?

Knowing the difference is key in the event of any unforeseen event with the security forces, which sometimes are not aware or aware of state regulations. First, and most important, is that the motorhomes are governed by the “generally applicable rules for all vehicles”. An identification that allows them, by law, to be parked on the margins and spaces defined for parking. That is, if we arrive at a town, and according to the instruction 08/V-74 of the DGT, we can park our leisure vehicle respecting the limits imposed for each municipality. In that case, and with the legislation in hand, we could sleep and eat inside the camper or motorhome as long as we are well parked. If we do not exceed the marks, we do not use the exterior of the vehicle, and we do not exceed the time limitations, if any, they should not tell us anything. For this, it is essential that it is not understood that we are camping, so we cannot level the van with jacks.

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There are exceptions

Traveling by motorhome and camper has become fashionable and, like any trend, it is affecting some. in specific locations complicated scenes have been lived to justify, with a exaggerated invasion of leisure vehicles at key points that we all want to enjoy. In addition, it is important to protect some spaces such as Natural Parks or coasts, defended by specific laws. Hence, some localities have enacted municipal ordinances against motorhome parking, a prohibition they usually inform with traffic signs or physical barriers. The camper, due to its exterior dimensions and height, tend to dodge this type of pitfall better. For example, a vacant lot near a beach and with the typical barrier of 1.90 to 2.30 meters Tall. Of course, if the municipality has strong anti-camping regulations, they could end up being fined for something as insignificant as opening a skylight or a window. In that case, the best thing would be to look for a car park without that limitation or directly a motorhome area, for which there are specific applications such as Park4Night or VanPerfect.


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