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By ‘handiwork’ of Meriton Holdings

Football, as always, has different stories. A penalty shootout can get you into Europe and give you a title and at the same time it can take away the option of finishing the course in a decent way.

But beyond whether the ball goes in or not, there are stories that do not have two different stories. Not after seeing how Anil Murthy came out with a smile from ear to ear, answering with the greatest optimism but again without explaining too much. The question of ‘with ATE or without ATE’ she dodged. how not But beyond that anecdote, I am concerned that in a week in which the entity releases statements here and there, Valencia has not yet explained to the fans what it is committing to with the stadium. It is one of the great unknowns.. Because I understand that if you want all the urban benefits, it will be because you do comply with something that was signed at the time. It is not with the capacity, at least at the beginning. And knowing how Meriton spends it, who knows when the third ring would end. That’s the problem. The authorities are right to reach out but at the same time demand that everything is signed and very clear. That Lim arrived committing to finish the stadium for the centenary. And here we are waiting.

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