Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 9: You will be disappointed after this

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 9

The 99th precinct in Brooklyn, New York, is off for the final time. Brooklyn Nine-Nine will come to an end on September 16th after eight seasons on the small screen. So no Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 9. When Fox decided not to renew the program the acclaimed sitcom found a second life on NBC and enjoyed two further seasons as a consequence. It is time to say goodbye on your own terms.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 9
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Why an end to Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 9?

Dan Goor, the showrunner, joked on Instagram in February after it was revealed that Brooklyn Nine-Nine would be ending after 153 episodes: “When Mike Schur and I first pitched the pilot to [star Andy] Samberg, he said, ‘I am in'” Goor recalled. In the end, we decided that ending the program was the greatest, our story, and our audience. I know some people will be sad that it is over so quickly, but I am thankful that it lasted this long. My sex tape’s title.”

Star interview with Bustle, Stephanie Beatriz, who portrays Rosa Diaz, underlined how difficult the choice was. Wrapping up [Brooklyn Nine-Nine] would have been simple for me to sort of surge through and put down my thoughts.” She answered, “I am simply letting them come as they come.” Despite this, she believes the series’ conclusion will leave viewers “very happy.” We can expect an intense experience, as Jake Peralta put it. It is understandable that you can not please everyone, but we will do our best.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has seldom disappointed its viewers.

A show that shows so much empathy for cops but not for the communities they serve is tough to maintain in today’s political atmosphere. One month after George Floyd’s death sparked protests against systematic racism, Samberg told GQ that “what we have been seeing from the cops” was “nothing funny”.

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After all, Samberg added, “we looked at Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 9 as a dream,” picturing how good it would feel to have “this is actually diverse and reflects a lot more people.” However, the program is creators were aware that by the time it aired in the ninth season, the world had changed significantly. There were several difficult decisions to make, such as how to keep Brooklyn Nine-unique Nine’s sense of whimsy while yet admitting the reality of the violence shown in the show and characters. Finally, it is time for Brooklyn Nine-Nine to call it a night.


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