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Bricomart Massanassa re-opens Warehouse on April 5

The next April 5, from 7:00 a.m., BRICOMART Massanassa, the Construction and Reform Warehouse reopens its facilities. After the transformation that began last year with the refurbishment of the materials yard, the Warehouse goes one step further to improve the shopping experience for Professionals. Bricomart Massanassa, located on the Avenue of the Generalitat Valenciana 2, has worked since its inauguration to offer solutions tailored to the needs of professionals in the sector. In its quest to always provide the best response to its customers, last year it began a renovation process that began with the improvement of the Construction materials yard and continues this year with more innovations, which make it the best option where to acquire everything necessary for the projects of Works and Reforms.

More stock for construction and renovation projects

This new remodeling seeks to offer all its customers the best shopping experience and strengthen its position as the market option with the most Stock always available. To do this, the sections of Plumbing and Sanitary from the warehouse they expand improving the quality of the implementation of the range they currently offer. The Electricity section is also expanded and strengthens its range of renewable energy products with more space to offer solutions to all needs (for homes connected to the network, isolated…). Another notable change is in the Ceramics section, its more than 60,000 m2, with stock always available, are moved next to the large-volume box area, which improves the speed of purchase and allows for much more Stock to be hyper-available to reinforce the 24-hour transport service. Hardware store counter with master keying and copy of keys. Supersport The Bricomart Massanassa Warehouse is designed to carry out a FAST AND EFFECTIVE PURCHASE. For this, it has a ample parking free exclusive for customers, with more than 250 places, 16 boxes (2 of them for large volume purchases), a loading area for bulky merchandise and a materials yard of more than 2,300 m2, to which you can access with the vehicle to load directly. In addition, to adapt to the working day of Construction and Reform Professionals, they have a wide uninterrupted schedule from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. (from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Saturdays). Tools testing area. Supersport All Bricomart Massanassa customers will also find a large battery of PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS and greater PROFESSIONAL ADVICE, since the Warehouse will have a hardware counter with master keying and copying of keys, custom-made windows, a tool testing area, a tinting system with more than 20,000 colors instantly, a return period of up to 100 days and a professional forum with technical training and product demonstrations, among many other solutions.

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Low prices and professional quality at BRICOMART Massanassa

This renovation has been carried out maintaining and reinforcing commitments that have placed Bricomart as the benchmark for Construction and Reform Professionals: PRICES LOWER of the area, with VAT always included in the final price, PROFESSIONAL QUALITY in its entire range with the guarantee of the leading brands in the sector and recognized in the area and more than 20,000 products in the Warehouse, being the option with more STOCKS ALWAYS AVAILABLE. In the BRICOMART Massanassa Warehouse you can also buy online. Supersport In addition to shopping at the BRICOMART Massanassa Warehouse, it offers the possibility of to buy online, a service specially designed for all Construction and Reform projects. The purchase is made through and the order can be pick up at the Warehouse in just 2 hours or receive it at the construction site in 24 hours, counting on the necessary transport for heavy and bulky products. In this way, all customers can make a quick and convenient purchase from wherever they want and 24 hours a day, accessing more than 20,000 products with Warehouse Stock always available at the lowest price in the area. The renovation of Bricomart Massanassa, together with the recent opening of Bricomart Lugo, the Warehouse nº30 of the company in Spainconsolidate their leadership as the main distribution area specialized in the sector of Building and the Reformation.

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