‘Bosch: Legacy’ Plot? When Will It Premiere?


After the end of ‘Bosch‘ on Amazon Prime Video, it was unclear whether the actor Titus Welliver would return as Harry Bosch in a spin-off or a new season. But now, with the spin-off ‘Bosch: Legacy,’ the ex LAPD cop returns to another streaming service, IMDb TV. 

The streaming service supported by Amazon Prime is free and can be accessed in the US with its application. 

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Bosch is one of the longest-running shows on Amazon Prime Video, which lasted for seven seasons. Each season was based on Michael Connell’s Harry Bosch cop novels and adapted three books to the screen. However, you might now think that the storyline for the Bosch universe is finished, but not really. Something remains unseen.

‘Bosch: Legacy’ What Will Be The Plot?

As revealed by Connelly, Bosch: Legacy will have a time jump of two years. The spin-off will mainly revolve around three characters of the main series, Bosch (played by Titus Welliver), Honey Chandler (played by Mimi Rogers), and Bosch’s daughter Maddie (played by Madison Lintz). 

The plot will pick up a short tale from where the final season of Bosch ended. Moreover, the 2016 novel by Michael Connelly, ‘The Wrong Side of Goodbye,’ will be the season’s main storyline. 

It is also rumored that Renee Ballard can also show up in the spin-off after the release of Connelly’s latest novel, ‘The Dark Hours, ‘ which includes Bosch and Reene as the lead characters. 

‘Bosch: Legacy’ When Will It Release & Where?

As reported from the official sources, Bosch: Legacy will stream on IMDb TV, a new streaming service backboned by Amazon Prime Video. Some people are asking when is it coming out. Finally WE KNOW when Bosch Legacy will be released. You will be able to watch it almost all over the globe the 6th of May of 2022. That’s when the serie will start.

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