Booster Shots and Third Doses for COVID-19 Vaccines: Everything We Should Know

Health experts and scientists have recently discovered that the effect of the vaccination ( against COVID-19 virus) is losing its effect over a large period. Hence, they have suggested people, falling in some certain category, get boosters of these Covid vaccines.

Along with these, scientists are also in favor of getting a third dose of vaccines. In this article, we will be going through all the information regarding these boosters and third dose and who should go for either of these?

Boosters Shots for COVID-19 Vaccines

Various studies across the globe show that even after getting both doses of Covid vaccines, the protection against the virus may decrease over a large period and might not be able to protect the subject against the Delta variant.

Apart from these, the effect of vaccination may also decrease in those humans who are in such a position where they are very close to the Covid patients or simply known as the health workers.

A clinical trial shows that a Pfizer BioN Tech booster shot ( after 6 months of full vaccination) has been proven fruitful in strengthening the immunity of humans. With such increased immunity, the subject will also be safe against the Delta variant.

Who should get a vaccine booster?

The following people are suggested to have a booster for the vaccine:

  • People above 54 years with some underlying medical conditions.
  • Healthcare workers with some underlying medical issues.
  • Individuals who were fully vaccinated about 6 months back.

The population apart from these classes is advised to wait for further data before getting a vaccine booster.

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Third dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

It has also been seen that several people don’t have a very responsive immune system and hence, the same does not interact very well with the first two doses of vaccine. 

Such people are advised, by experts, to have a third dose of vaccine. 

Who should get a third dose of vaccination?

The following set of people are advised to have a third dose of vaccination against the virus:

  • Patients with diseases that suppress the immune system of individuals.
  • The ones who receive cancer or some other severe disease treatment.
  • Those who are diagnosed with HIV or take hypertension drugs.
  • Those who had a stem cell transplant in the previous two years.

The people who do not fall under these categories are supposed to contact a medical advisor before going for a third dose.

The point to be noted is that the third dose must be if the same company of which the previous two were.

Are the vaccine boosters and third dose of vaccines different?

Although both of them are supposed to enhance the immunity of the subject on which they are injected, they carry some differences in their targeted patients and working.

A third dose would be a full dose of vaccine whereas a booster would be seen lesser in volume, as it is just for boosting the immunity rather than being a full dose.

Experts have also claimed that their side-effects could also be different. The booster is supposed to give mild fever or headache whereas the effects of a third dose are not yet fully known.

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These all are the recent updates regarding the vaccine boosters and third dose of vaccine. It is suggested to contact a healthcare supervisor before going for either of these.