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bombs that bounce

It is on days like today, although it is difficult, when it is more advisable to write about a world with symbolic battles in which there are no projectiles but balls. Sport and its athletes are above wars but that does not mean that they are oblivious to them. It was demonstrated this Thursday with a generalized censorship that should serve as an example to other sectors of society in the face of barbarism: the closed applause for the Ukrainian basketball team, the broken contracts with Russian companies, the postponed competitions and the threat, which necessarily It will have to be fulfilled, to cancel major events, from the Formula 1 Sochi GP to the Champions League final in St. Petersburg. There are a thousand and one testimonies with which our hearts have shrunk during the last few hours. Among them those of the old acquaintances of our sport who, like Jorge Lopezdenounce situations of abandonment by the authorities while they try to leave the war scene. Only nine days have passed since the embrace between the Ukrainian Abramenko and the Russian Burov at the Beijing Games. But like so many other laws, the Olympic truce in force until March 13 has also been violated. Not to the war!


One more year has passed since the works in the ‘old’ Mestalla were suspended and the crossroads are still in force. There is will but no solutions and these do not go through the tourné of meetings with the Powerpoint under the arm. Nor for the day on which a project is presented by entry registration with which to leave the institutions with the ball on the roof if it does not meet the minimum requirements. Except for a radical turn, as usually happens with Meriton, the legal route is just around the corner.

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good events

Time has shown that successful sporting events are not necessarily big, but good. And that the time to pay for them from the public coffers has passed. Hopefully an America’s Cup again in Valencia, but that it was sustainable. Just like the Gay Games and other projects in this city of sports.

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