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Bodybuilder shot by neighbor after fight over vacancy in US

According to Shane Post’s wife, neighbor revolted after bodybuilder’s friend stopped at the wrong place Bodybuilder Shane Post was shot after arguing with a neighbor over a parking space in the United States. The athlete is hospitalized in the ICU of a hospital in Dallas, Texas, and has the help of a crowdfunding to cover medical expenses. In an interview with WTAE TV, Post’s wife, Irina, said that the argument started when a friend of the bodybuilder parked his car in the wrong spot, to let Shane home. The neighbor then left the house, pulled a loaded gun from his robe, and fired in the athlete’s direction. The moment of the shot was captured by a camera installed on site. Camera filmed neighbor shooting Shane Post
(Photo: Reproduction) Irina stated that she witnessed the moment, alongside her three-month-old daughter. The shot hit Shane’s colon, liver and kidney. According to TMZ, his condition is stable, but the bodybuilder must remain in the hospital for a few more days. Waxahachie City Police confirmed that the altercation was related to a parking space. According to TMZ, the suspect has been identified as Nikki Brown. He was arrested, but released on bail. Shane was the Mr. Pittsburgh in 2017. The athlete’s wife posted a photo of her husband in the hospital during his recovery. see below [imagem sensível]:

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