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The ex-River Girotti tries to cover the ball against ZambranoLA NACION/Mauro AlfieriA team in need of a clean and jerk was once again stopped by the penalty that Benedetto burst against the crossbar in the sixth minute. Ghosts once again haunted this Boca, which has been shaken several times in the last 10 days. His poor football production in the first half was combined with a too rushed Talleres. The level of the party is poor. Hardly the firmness of Zambrano to highlight. As if he had been emotionally affected by Benedetto’s missed penalty, Boca shows doubts, is discontinuous and does not create any greater danger for Talleres. He only gets close to Herrera with a header from Zambrano in a corner. People try to pick up a team that is somewhat disoriented and loses gas. From the heart of the 12, in the Casa Amarilla grandstand, comes the harangue to infect the rest of the stadium: “We have to shout, sir, we have to shout, and let’s go, let’s go, Boca, we have to win!” It is also shouted that Boca is loved through thick and thin, much more. Boca’s game is not fluid. At times, it depends more on individual actions. Villa is best suited for those personal adventures. The Colombian, after sweeping the attack front and receiving a header from Benedetto, defines with a Chilean that goes very high. Boca has a relatively calm match in defense. Talleres wants to get out fast, but he does it imprecisely. He does not combine well in the last 30 meters and does not worry Rossi. In a split ball with Matías Godoy, Alan Varela suffered a bloody cut on one leg. After being treated he was able to continue.Villa falls to Benavídez's markVilla falls to Benavídez’s markLA NACION/Mauro AlfieriThe atmosphere in the Bombonera is encouraging, with songs that have insulting lyrics for the classic rivals: River, Racing, Independiente and San Lorenzo. The only interruption was when Benedetto missed the penalty. Gestures of disbelief and fans raising their hands to their heads became the photograph of the moment. Colombian Rafael Pérez interrupts Benedetto’s control inside the area with his hand. Penal. Despite the two he wasted against Corinthians, the No. 9 had already expressed that he was still confident to take charge again. The right hand hit the crossbar. Nobody can believe it in the Bombonera. He came from executing one against the post and another to the second tray for the Copa Libertadores. He missed the last three, while he had converted the previous nine in Boca. A cursed streak for No. 9.Benedetto, in the action that will end with Pérez's penaltyBenedetto, in the action that will end with Pérez’s penaltyLA NACION/Mauro AlfieriThe first movements of Boca travel from the left, with the usual combinations between Villa and projections of Fabra. Ramírez also joins in that sector. A corner is generated that Benedetto heads and it becomes a corner kick again. When the formation was announced by the voice of the stadium, the biggest applause took them Marcos Rojo and Agustin Rossi, and there was also support for Benedetto. For the rest, moderate recognition. The previous time Boca fans filled the candy box They did so with the burning expectation of celebrating qualification for the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores. But the elimination in the penalty shootout against Corinthians opened Pandora’s box. Not everything was in the sports disappointment of that night of July 5. A crisis was unleashed whose consequences continue to this day. Within 24 hours he was fired Sebastian Battaglia, that he had slipped a questioning due to the lack of reinforcements. A strong internal dispute was uncovered between the Football Council, which presides over Juan roman riquelme, and the referents, headed by the captain Carlos Izquierdozfor the prizes discussed the day before facing the Brazilians.Hugo Ibarra, who was in charge of the reserve, was provisionally designated and confirmed a few days later until the end of the year. Izquierdoz went to the bench in the loss against San Lorenzo and tonight he is not even among the concentrates. From the club, an ankle problem was reported, but there would be something deeper, a broken relationship with the leaders that will surely end with “Cali” out of Boca in a short time. The tape in the New Gasometer took her red frames, who made the arm wrestling more tense by dedicating his goal with a hug to Izquierdoz. Last Wednesday, Darius Benedetto, who lived a fatal night with the two missed penalties against Corinthians, admitted in an interview on ESPN that the squad “feigned” not concentrating against Corinthians because of the prize dispute. And he considered that the substitution of Izquierdoz against San Lorenzo “It wasn’t for football reasons”with which he validated the internship with the leadership.Hugo Ibarra, in his first game as coach at La BomboneraHugo Ibarra, in his first game as a coach at the Bombonera LA NACION / Mauro Alfieri On Thursday, at the entrance to the training ground, the squad found a parade: “Players: the greatest prize you have is to wear the Boca shirt and you are in debt.” It was not signed. Disgusted common fans or a move from some sector of power? Boca is sitting on an erupting volcano. While the starters and substitutes warmed up on the field, Izquierdoz, clad in a thick jacket, entered the field, where he received applause from the audience, while he began to talk with Julio Buffarini, ex-partner in Boca. The new reinforcement, the steering wheel, also entered the field Martin Payero, from Middlesbrough. He was not part of the call for this match and will surely be taken into account for next Tuesday’s match against Argentinos. The “Black” Ibarra maintains the same team that a week ago left a pale image in the defeat against San Lorenzo. Exequiel Zeballos, who had consolidated in the last Battaglia games, remains on the bench. Ibarra has as his new field assistant Robert “Tito” Pompei who replaces Mariano Herrón, from now on in charge of the reserve. The Portuguese Pedro Caixinha arranged a starting formation, similar to the one that eliminated Colón for the Copa Libertadores. With only one change: the Colombian enters for the injured Esquivel Diego Valeyes, who was on River’s agenda as an alternative to Miguel Borja and Pablo Solari, the two hired reinforcements. We invite you to live monitoring of the match between Mouth and Workshops, in the Bombonera, for the eighth of the Professional League. We will be reflecting the alternatives of the game, with additional data and information, plus the most outstanding videos and photos.

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