Boca – Always Ready, for the Copa Libertadores: Battaglia’s team is looking for a victory to clear up any doubts

Benedetto did not forgive and opened the scoring, pushing it into the net with an empty goal after a stacked left by Zeballos, who assisted under pressure from three rivals. Boca wins 1-0. Boca was badly stopped in a counterattack by the Bolivian team and “Pol” Fernández arrived on time at the crossroads near the goal to avoid the shot and take it to the corner. Immediately, Zeballos defined it wide after a combination of passes and used Fabra’s overtaking to finish the play himself, while his teammates claimed him inside the area. At the beginning of the game, Boca looks for spaces and insists on the speed and freshness of Zeballos, who bets on the dribbling from three quarters of the field onwards. Romero drives, Salvio leans on the right. Always Ready waits and looks for associated play and quickly when he finds the ball. Tejera gave the signal and Benedetto moved. In La Bombonera, the match between Boca and Always Ready is already at stake for the second date of the Copa Libertadores.Boca Juniors and Always Ready, on the pitchMauro Alfieri – LA NACIONThe headlines of the two teams move on the pitch, in warm-up exercises. From the stands, the chant of the people is unanimous: “Tonight, no matter what it takes, we have to win.” The pressure is already felt before the start of the game.Boca Juniors and Always Ready do warm-up exercises before the match for the Copa LibertadoresBoca Juniors and Always Ready do warm-up exercises before the match for the Copa LibertadoresMauro Alfieri – LA NACIONA 30 minutes before the start of the match, the starters of Boca and Always Ready are confirmed. At the venue, with multiple casualties due to sanctions and injuries, the central defense will be made up of two 20-year-old footballers who will have their first game in the Libertadores at La Bombonera: Ábila and Aranda. DT Sebastián Battaglia arranged for Advíncula and Fabra (captain) to complete the bottom line; Ramírez, “Pol” Fernández and Romero will be in the midfield, and Salvio and Zeballos will accompany Benedetto. In the goal, Rossi. Compromised by the defeat in Cali in the debut in the Copa Libertadores, Boca will have to clean its image in La Bombonera this Tuesday, in a duel against Always Ready, from Bolivia, for the second date of Group E. The match, scheduled for 7:15 p.m., is refereed by the Uruguayan Gustavo Tejera and televised by Star + and Fox Sports.

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