Blows, tumult, De Paul vs Guardiola, a show by Diego Simeone and the police in the tunnel in the hot final of Atlético de Madrid-Manchester City

The elimination of Atletico Madrid and the classification of Manchester City to the semifinals of the Champions League, After the goalless equality this Wednesday in the second leg, he had a hot ending. It was four minutes everything happened and they preceded a closing of the meeting that lasted for more than 11 minutes and included new controversies, the coaches almost inside the field in unusual situations and the police intervening on the way to the changing rooms.Foden on the floor, in the middle of a brawl and blows between Felipe and SivchenkoOSCAR DEL POZO – AFPIt all started with 90 seconds left in regulation time when Felipe went to look for Phil Foden against a side and in the clean and jerk, with the young Englishman already off the pitch, the Brazilian hit him from behind. Immediately, the skillful City footballer, who had his head bandaged, rolled around on the grass until he managed to return to the field, in an attitude of taking advantage of the situation to lose time. Suddenly the Montenegrin appeared Stefan Savic, He took it out like someone running a bag and that triggered an embarrassment similar to the one at the end of the first half between Boca and Always Ready for the Copa Libertadores on Tuesday.

A blow, melee and an expulsion at the end

The starters of both teams, several substitutes and part of the members of the coaching staff appeared at full speed to start the first of the nine minutes of injury time that the judge had given with a brawl. Everything was observed there. Pushes, threats, grabs, blows and in the middle of the attacks, with the German judge Daniel Siebert to one side observing what was happening in the foreground, the return to the scene of the overwhelmed Savic, who took Jack Grealish, one of the substitutes, and Nathan Aké, who had entered in the second stage.The applause of Cholo Simeone: to his players or to City's tricks to buy time?The applause of Cholo Simeone: his players or City’s tricks to buy time? PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU – AFP From then on, the game entered a zone of effervescence both in the game and when the ball was not in motion. Felipe saw the red card Before the match resumed, the referee showed Savic the yellow card and Atlético de Madrid came very close to scoring the goal that allowed them to take the duel to extra time. Then, City, like a boxer who had felt the blow, detached himself from his lyricism and some of his players dropped at times so that the clock would run its course and the end would be closer. that generated new anger and arguments… and even more wasted time than the minutes of rioting took.

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Simeone applauds and makes Guardiola’s men ironic?

The nine added minutes became more than 11, with both DTs adding to the hot moment. Diego Simeone came to get into the field to prevent Savic from confronting Foden again, he asked his players to continue playing and the fans, in the stands of the Wanda Metropolitano, to applaud. For some, he applauded the efforts of those he directed. For others, ironically, the attitude of the opponents. Quite a show, to which the referee added a warning to Cholo when he entered to separate. For its part, Pep Guardiola got into an argument with Rodrigo De Paul, with some annoyance gestures and false smiles between them. “You lie, you lie”, it was read from the lips of the City coach in an instant that one of the cameras focused on him and pointed a finger at the Argentine.

The cross between De Paul and Guardiola

After the final whistle, immediately after another City save, some crossed paths again, Simeone went to claim the judge for the loss of time not recovered and there were clashes on the way to the locker room. In the tunnel the brawl continued, with Savic, Hermoso and Berta looking to fight with some rivals, insulting and throwing things, while UEFA authorities asked the police to intervene.Already at a press conference, Simeone kept his teeth clenched in the statements, addressed to Guardiola although without mentioning him. “Those who have a great lexicon are very intelligent and manage to praise you in a scorn. But those of us who have a little less lexicon are not so stupid. I like to see that when they beat us they celebrate because, in the end, the important thing is to win”, he maintained, with Pep’s expressions about Aleti’s defensive style of play that he played during the week very fresh. This time, the Catalan avoided talking about the rival and lamented the game: “Without the ball, obviously, we are not a good team.”This is how Cholo Simeone and Pep Guardiola lived the gameThis is how Cholo Simeone and Pep Guardiola lived the matchPIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU – AFP

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