Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Online Vote and Week 4 Poll Results

In Bigg Boss Telugu 5, the mini-screen audience experienced the fourth week’s nomination process. 

On the 27th of September’s episode of the reality show, eight competitors were nominated, despite controversial accusations and disagreements among the contestants.

The fate of the next eviction in Bigg Boss 5 Telugu will be decided by the suspense-filled voting results. By the end of this week, the participant with the fewest votes will be eliminated from the show.

Check out the tweet by Starmaa:

Contestants who had been cordial until now got into a verbal quarrel during the 27th of September’s nomination episode.

Non-controversial couples such as VJ Sunny and Nataraj Master, and Sree Ram and Swetaa fought it out. Lobo, who is known for lightening the atmosphere of the event, is seen being fierce as he yells at the top of his lungs to express his points.

With everything going topsy-turvy, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5’s fourth-week eliminations have been extremely challenging according to fans.

Nominated contestants this week, and their voting missed call numbers:

  • Lobo: 8886658206
  • Nataraj Master: 8886658212
  • Artist Priya: 8886658207
  • Anee Master: 8886658205
  • RJ Kajal: 8886658217
  • Uma Devi: 8886658215
  • VJ Sunny: 8886658202
  • Anchor Ravi: 8886658219

Voting Results Day 3

  • VJ Sunny – 20% vote share
  • Ravi – 17% vote share
  • Kajal – 13% vote share
  • Lobo – 9% vote share
  • Siri Hanumantha – 12% vote share
  • Priya – 11% vote share
  • Anne – 11% vote share
  • Natraj – 7% vote share
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Step-by-step voting procedure

The following is a guide to voting online for Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu contestants:

  1. Install the Disney+Hotstar App on your device.
  2. Open the app and log in with your Facebook or email credentials.
  3. Look for Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.
  4. The words ‘Voting for today is now open’ appear just below the streaming window.
  5. Select the Vote option, which is located near the text.
  6. Following that will be the photos of the contestants that have been nominated.
  7. Each user will be allowed ten votes each day, which can be cast for a single contestant or could be split among multiple contestants. Cast your vote by clicking on the image of the housemate you want to save from elimination.

Timings and Streaming Platform

The fifth season of Bigg Boss Telugu is currently airing on Star Maa. On weekdays, the show airs at 10:00 p.m., while on weekends, it airs at 9:00 p.m. The action can also be seen on the Disney+ Hotstar app.

Week 4 Elimination and Voting Analysis

  • The “Chikkulo Chikkukoku” task was easily won by Anne and Shwetha. With this performance, it will be fascinating to see if Anee can move up the ranks.
  • As captain, Sreerama Chandra poses a serious danger to a handful of the house’s most strong contestants. This week, Sreerama’s performance as a captain will be crucial.
  • RJ Kajal’s impressive gameplay continued as she whispered the contestant’s name in order to prevent an advantage. RJ Kajal maintains her place in the top three vote results.

  • The captaincy task contestants are Shweta, Sreerama, and Sunny. Sreerama Chandra, on the other side, triumphed in the battle for captaincy.
  • When it comes to the threat of eviction this weekend, Priya and Siri remain on the safe side.
  • VJ Sunny and Ravi lead the voting outcomes race by a mile. The two competitors’ popularity makes them potential Bigg Boss 5 Telugu finals.
  • Natraj or Anee will undoubtedly be ousted this week. However, Natraj has been generating a lot of attention in recent days, which may cause the producers to reconsider.
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We’re so intrigued to find out how the upcoming episodes will play out. I am certain everyone has a favorite contestant so let us know who you will be voting for in the comments section below.

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