Better Windows 11 taskbar in tablet mode

There was an important change in Windows 11 Insider Preview as in build 25197 the taskbar was optimized in tablet mode, the system tray updated, and new animations were added in Settings. A similar optimization regarding the taskbar appeared in February this year, hence it can be seen that the company is persistently working on this solution. The tablet taskbar was introduced in February this year exclusively for testers, however, due to numerous bugs, it was quickly withdrawn so that the company could take care of internal testing. Now, with the new update, users of the system’s insider program can once again enjoy its capabilities.

What is the Windows 11 taskbar for tablets?

The bar is for 2-in-1 devices only in tablet mode and appears when the keyboard is detached or tilted back. When you plug it back in or fold it forward, the strap automatically reverts to standard mode. Therefore, users of classic laptops or desktops will not experience it. The mechanics of the strap have remained the same, so you can use it rolled up or unfolded as needed to give the user more space and freedom. To switch between modes, perform a dragging gesture in the direction from or to the bottom edge of the screen.The taskbar for tablets in Windows 11 / photo by MicrosoftThe whole thing is to be adapted to the touch panels to a greater extent, and thus the bar is not to disturb when it is not needed. When it is collapsed, it only shows the most important information such as the current time and battery level. In turn, the buttons are designed in such a way that they are more suitable for touch operation.

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Changes to Build 25197

The latest optimization fixes some bugs that previously appeared when switching to tablet mode. One was the flashing of the taskbar that occurred as a result of changes to the system tray in scenarios without optimization. Another bug concerned some elements of the bar getting stuck when switching between light and dark themes. There was also a problem with the date and time getting stuck on the taskbar.

The tablet taskbar in Windows 11 will finally be usable

This is not a new solution, because Microsoft has been working on optimizing its systems for touch screens since the days of Windows 8. Some solutions targeting this group of devices also appeared in Windows 10, but all of them were far from ideal and ultimately did not appeal to users. Now everything seems to be on the right track, as the current solution has been devoid of bugs, while company representatives announce further amendments. The question is whether the latest fixes will convince more users to use touch devices. Unfortunately, many applications are still not adapted to this mode of operation.

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