Beta of RTS "Regiments" is released on Steam


I said I would reduce the workload at the end of the year, and for the most part I did. But sometimes there's that note that takes you out of “hibernation” and you need to share. And I couldn't help but warn my readers that the beta RTS "Regiments", under development by Bird's Eye Games, was made available this Monday (27) by Steam .

For those who don't know, Regiments is another "spiritual successor" of Wargame: Red Dragon. His focus is big battles, cold war and multi-unit control. The mode included in the beta version is “Operations” where you must command your regiment over multiple days of combat on multiple maps.

The mode features a robust system of “persistence” on the battlefield. If you build fortifications or trenches and they are not cleared, you can use them differently depending on weather conditions and time of day. However, if you lose a unit, it will not be replaced.

I was really happy with what I saw of the beta version and the game itself. It has the feel of Wargame: Red Dragon but at the same time manages to distinguish itself enough not to be a mere “copy”. Bonus for containing battles at night where night vision goggles or other methods to “light up” conflict zones are essential – something I've always felt and continue to miss in strategy games.

If you are interested in playing the beta, all you need to do is go to the game's Steam page and click “Request Access” under “Join the Playtest Regiments”.

See the new Regiments trailer below:

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