Best Netflix Korean Drama Series To Be Watched In November 2021!

Nowadays everyone has the curiosity to watch Korean Drama, whatever you call it, fashion or good quality or status symbol. But, presently if you have not watched any Korean drama series you sometimes may feel out from the group. This is the right time to increase your vocab of Korean dramas as the winter vacation is coming. So, here we are giving you the list of some best dramas you can watch in December.


This is the upcoming Korean series with action, thriller, and fantasy. As the fans extremely liked the Korean drama series ‘Squid Game,’ this is proven that Korean series can also do much better in the genre of action and thriller instead of only romance and comedy. As like ‘Squid Game’, this show is also coming with the supernatural phenomenon, which is telling how the world could turn into hell. The show is soon to release in December, so it’s the best time to start any new Korean drama series.

New World

This is the K-drama, everyone was waiting for, the authentic K-drama is here in November 2021. This is the Korean reality TV show of K-drama. The series is about collecting some different types of currency (digital currency), which can be cashed at the end of the show on the final day on Utopian Island.

The hungry and the hairy

Another reality TV show is here, the lead star cast of the show is singer-songwriter Jung ‘Rain’ JiHoon and comedian Noh Hong – Chul. The show is a little bit different from the fashion trend. This is a travel reality show. These two actors start their journey on a bike, ride far away and try different food, and visit beautiful tourists sites along the way.

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The silence Sea

It the also one of the Science-fiction, thriller, and mystery shows. It is a remake version of the 2014 short film ‘The Sea of Tranquility by Hang-Yong. Most probably I could have eight or more episodes

Single’s Inferno

If you are a romance love, dating enthusiast, and desiring love person then this show is definitely for you. It is the Korean reality dating shows like ‘Love Island, Too Hot to Handle, Love Is Blind.’ So, if you want a little bit of dramatic romance in your life then binge-watch this for sure. soon to be aired.

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