Best Anime like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

In Japan, anime is a comprehensive word that describes and includes all the animated works, whether they are romantic or thriller. Animes are capable of portraying any type of emotion or feelings on the screen. One such adventurous and dark fantasy anime is Demon Slayer.

In the given article, we will be going through the genre of Demon Slayer and will talk about a few animes similar to it.

History of Anime

The first anime animation was made in about 1917. The quality of animation was not at its best at that time, but it has been developing since then, with the latest trends of technology.

Anime is distributed theatrically through television shows and streaming services. Apart from original works, it also takes adaptation from some Manga comics. Anime usually focuses less on the movement of the character or set but more on the camera angles and pace of the story. 

All this has somehow made it one of the most popular animations throughout the globe.

About Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Apart from romantic and comic animes like Plastic memories and Tamako market, we have got some exceptional adventurous and thrilling animes like Demon Slayer as well.

Demon Slayer is an adaptation of the Manga series by Koyoharu Gotouge. The series was concluded on May 2020, but if you liked this anime then we have something for you ahead in this article.

The Plot of the Anime

Demon Slayer is the story of a teenage boy named Tanjiro Kamado. Demons in this storyline are the parts of society threatening humans. One day, Tanjiro’s family gets attacked by demons. His whole family dies, but his sister had been turned into a demon.

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Tanjiro then decides to become a Demon Slayer to save his sister. And his adventurous story begins. In his journey, he meets friends like Zenitsu and Inosuke. And the whole anime shows the fight between them and the demons. You can watch this anime on Netflix.

Best Anime Like Demon Slayer in 2021

Below are a few animes for you if you loved Demon Slayer.

1. Inuyasha

This anime is broken into two parts, both being adapted from Manga. The story revolves around a 15 years old girl Kagome, who when transported to some other world meets her half-demon dog Inuyasha.

Kagome and her dog, along with her team go for the search of Shikon Jewel, which is said to be efficient in fulfilling the owner’s wish. And that’s how the story evolves. This anime is also available on Netflix.

2. Naruto

The most recommended anime if you liked Demon Slayer is Naruto. The story revolves around a ninja named Naruto. He is looked like an inferior in academics and fighting skills. He decides to become the leader of Hokage. The anime depicts the development of this character as a whole and makes him a worthy ninja.

This anime also is available on Netflix.

3. Attack on Titan

This Manga adapted anime shows the human civilization on the edge of extinction. They are being dominated by the Titans as the plot of the story evolves.

Eren and Mikasa fight against the Titans with other corp members and investigate the existence of Titans in their universe.

These are the few animes which one anime fan, or particularly a Demon Slayer fan, must consider watching if he is missing all the adventure which was available in it.

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