Below Deck Season 9 Episode 5

Below Deck Season 9 Episode 5: Latest Release date and Preview

The previous episode (Episode 4) was all about how the guest destroyed all the decorum of the yacht. And seeing all of this, Captain Lee has to call them out for misbehaving with the crew members. After just that, everyone has started watching conflicts between the crew members themselves. As the fight between Justin and Terri increased, they were just a move away by pressing each other’s neck. In the morning, when Captain Lee got to know about all the matters created in the night, he got angry and asked Justin to apologize to Heather. 

With all of this just happened, a guest asked to go on the beach, which was a trap that could not get success as the roasting pig on the beach by chef Rachel caught fire just the moment before the guest arrived. On the other hand, Jake and Rayna started fighting like cats on changing the schedule Jake; later on, Rayna changed her attitude towards Jake, denied doing her jobs, and asked him to change his behaviour. 

In the end, after all of this being happened, the crew visited the Spice Mill, and there they had a Soothing and relaxing dinner; they also played the game there. Wes asked Jessica to make out with her with all of this dinner and enjoyment, while Fraser accepted that he was gay. 

Episode 5 Spoilers

As everyone can assume from the title of the Fifth episode, which is ‘Leave Your Emotions at the Cabin Door,’ that certainly some dramatic going to happen in the attack. And first of all, is………. Eddie who have to discuss the issue of being disloyal to his girlfriend. On the other hand, Jake and Rayna’s Flirting and romance scene could also end because Rayna is engaged already and eventually, Jake going to get aware of this.

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‘Below Deck’ Season Ninth Episode fifth is confirmed its release on 22nd November 2021. At 9 p.m ET on Bravo. Now Episodes going to be aired every Monday. You can also watch it on other streaming channels like Hulu+Live TV, Peacock TV, Fubo TV, DirecTV, Sling TV, Youtube TV, or Xfinity.  

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