BBB 22 participants: Boninho discloses new tips and promises spoiler

Director Boninho released new tips about the participants of Big Brother Brasil 22 (BBB 22) today, Friday, 7, through his Instagram account.

In addition to using codes such as 'Just a Santa's face' and 'I could be on Broadway' to define some participants, he also said that this Sunday's Fantástico show (01/09) would bring more tips.

The premiere of the new edition of the reality is scheduled for January 17th.

Boninho, who is in New York, used images of the city to publicize the new tips. Check below all the codes released by him:

  • + 11 = 2

  • Some people like to keep their poses

  • Who loves a good project

  • Falls within

  • steady as a rock

  • love a different look

  • She just has the face of a saint

  • could be on Broadway

In addition to BBB: Boninho reports that he was persecuted in New York

In addition to divulging new clues about the participants of the new edition of Big Brother Brasil, the director shared with his Instagram followers that he and his family were persecuted in New York. He reported that he was at a restaurant with his wife Ana Furtado and Isabella Oliveira, the couple's daughter, when he was photographed "in secret".

"I was stalked! If I wanted to take a picture, all you had to do was ask. I'll do it with the greatest pleasure", commented Boninho while republishing the images taken by his "stalker".

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