Barcelona annuls Real Madrid and gets into the final of the Copa de la Reina

The Barcelona will be the rival of Sporting Club de Huelva in the final of the queen’s cup of soccer after prevailing in a way blunt to real Madrid (4-0) in a clash where they were clear dominators. The azulgrana faced the appointment with a open wound, after falling in the final of the Champions League; and with desire to claim against a relieved rival for achieving the pass to the top European competition next year on the last league matchday. Different emotional contexts for the sixth face-to-face of the season, ending the previous five with a victory for a more or less demanding Barcelona in each of them. Thus, there was expectation to know what weapons the white team would put on the table to break the dynamic. If I had them clear, they were not seen. Not for lack of desire or his demerit, but because the team was subdued by an overwhelming opponent who let him do little or nothing from the start and that in just a few minutes he had already made Misa make an effort on two occasions. These actions were followed by two shots to the sticks, both after headers to lateral centers by Caldentey and Oshoala. And in the end, almost by inertia, the first of the goals ended up coming in a pass behind Caldentey herself that Martens finished off. He was even able to extend Bonmatí’s lead in two attempts, one deflected by Misa and another that went wide. Meanwhile, in the opposite area, only a deflected shot by Athenea disturbed Sandra Paños’ goal. The dynamics did not change after the break with the difference that the success of the Catalan team increased. In this way, in just eight minutes they had already scored two more goals. The first was from Bonmatí, who calmly defined after a failed one-on-one by Oshoala. The second was converted by Caldentey, going ahead with a header from a corner. The comfortable advantage did not cause Jonatan Giráldez’s men to slow down. In fact, Oshoala was able to increase the advantage, but was unable to define before Misa’s exit. Yes, he did succeed minutes later, in a similar situation, to transform the fourth and final into the way to his third final consecutive cup.

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Data sheet

4 – FC Barcelona: Cloths; Marta, Irene Paredes (Pereira, min.74), María León, Rolfo; Engen, Bonmatí, Putellas (Pina, min.60); Caldentey (Ouahabi, min.60), Martens (Crnogorcevic, min.60) and Oshoala (Baradad, min.78).

0 – Real Madrid: Mass; Lucía, Peter, Rocío, Svava (Kenti Robles, min.78); Zornoza, Abelleira (Kasi, min, 68); Athenea, Oroz (Match, min.78), Carmona (Moller, min.68); and Esther (Nahikari, min.46).

goals: 1-0, min.19: Martens. 2-0, min.47: Bonmatí. 3-0, min.53: Caldentey. 4-0, min.75: Oshoala.

Referee: María Huerta de Aza (Tenerife Committee). No cards.

Incidents: Copa de la Reina semifinal match played at the Santo Domingo municipal stadium before 3,667 spectators.


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