Barça works hard to beat a combative Gran Canaria

The barcadefender of the title and leader of the first phase, has been imposed on Gran Canaria by 93-82 in the first match of the ACB League quarter-final tie marked by the resistance of an insular team who stood up to him until the end. In the regular phase this season, Porfirio Fisac’s team fell by 18 points both on their court (64-82) and at the Palau (98-80) and today they managed to play in order until the azulgrana potential has worn him out in the final minutes. Jasikevicius ruled out Nigel Hayes and Álex Abrines and brought Cory Higgins into the squad to roll out after his long injury. Gran Canaria had already done their job entering the playoffs and went out to play without pressure. A zone 2-3 allowed him to withstand the Barça offensive well, who failed a lot in triples and the visiting coach, Porfirio Fisac, rotated his men. When Barça seemed to be leaving (18-14, m.8) they asked for time and cut off the Barcelona start although Mirotic (9 points in this quarter) was unbalanced and the gap opened to 7 points at the first break (24-17). Barça came out launched (34-20, m.13) and forced a new visitor time changing to individual defense. Sertac Sanli was hit hard and left the track never to return and is under observation. AJ Slaughter, Artem Pustovoy and John Surna started the Canarian comeback (39-35, m.17) and Jasikevicius had called for two times in less than two minutes without success. A new Barça push took him to the break at 48-39, but with a poor balance in triples (3 of 14) although his dominance of the rebound was almost absolute (24 against 15). A moment of the match. EFE The insular team, back in the area, withstood the local push well (56-49, m.26) although Dylan Ennis continued with little success in attack despite being more active (6 points in this quarter) and his team was approaching 63-55 again (m.28), but Pustovyi went to the bench with four fouls. The Barça could not take off because Gran Canaria was already improving in rebounding and shooting, with a final three-pointer by Kenny Cherry making it a surprising 67-64 at the end of the quarter, with a poor 5 of 22 three-pointers from the Catalans. The Barcelona team continued to be erratic and at 72-70 (m.33), Jasikevicius stopped the game, woke up his men and with a 10-2 run forced Fisac ​​to request time-out (82-72, m.36). Gran Canaria paid for their great effort of the entire game and not a desperate time from the Gran Canaria team coach (m.38) prevented the defeat (93-82).

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Data sheet

93. Barca (24+24+19+26): Calathes (10), Laprovittola (12), Kuric (-), Mirotic (13), Sanli (-) -starting five- Jokubaitis (6), Higgins (12), Exum (16), Smits (2), Oriola (1), Sergi Martínez (5) and Davies (16).

82 – Gran Canaria (17+22+25+18): Cherry (7), Slaughter (15), Brussino (9), Shurna (9), Pustovyi (12) -initial five-, Khalifa Diop (7), Balcerowski (2), Ennis (6), Salvó (11) , Stevic (3) and Albicy (1)

referees: Fernando Calatrava, Luis Miguel Castillo and David Sánchez Benito. Fouled out Khalifa Diop.

Incidents: First match of the 2021-2022 Endesa League quarterfinal playoff, played at the Palau Blaugrana in front of 5,800 spectators.


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