Ballon D’Or 2021: Cristiano Ronaldo Thinks Messi’s Win Was Unfair!

Ballon D'Or 2021: Cristiano Ronaldo

However, not everyone is satisfied with Lionel Messi’s win this year, Cristiano Ronaldo, for example. Ronaldo now even insulted him on Instagram, as befits a social media king by commenting on a post on a fan account. In a short version of the post, it stated, Messi had no pride and wrongly won this award. That is theft, robbery, and shame. 

Lionel Messi Wrongly Won? Cristiano Ronaldo Is Very Sure 

A fan wrote on Instagram angrily about Lionel Messi’s win at the Ballon d’Or,  “If Cristiano Ronaldo wants to win the Ballon d’Or, everything has to be 300 percent right. He can do what he wants, they always find a way so he doesn’t win. At Messi it’s the other way around. He can have a bad season and they still find a way to make him win. That’s theft, robbery, a shame. But winning undeserved prizes, there’s no pride. CR7 will always be the best ever.”

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to agree with this comment fully and uses the word “factos” to comment on it. And although Ronaldo earns unbelievable sums of money per second, the result of the award ceremony annoys him. An indirect insult to Messi, but also a clear announcement from Cristiano Ronaldo. Incidentally, the soccer star only took sixth place in the election. 

Another Controversy Popped Out For CR7!

Earlier this week, the Portuguese footballer fell into a controversy with word war with France football editor Pascal Ferre. After the Ballon d’Or event, the editor said that Cristiano told him in a private conversation that his ambition was to end his career with more Ballon d’Ors than the Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi. 

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In response to the statements made by Ferre, Ronaldo said that the editor and Ballon d’Or chief had lied and used his name in order to promote the publication of his work. ‘Suii’ also noted that it is certainly unacceptable for someone like him to make such statements and disrespect the spirit of the game. 

Over the years, Cristiano Ronaldo has won five Ballon d’Ors, while Messi has won 7 times with the last one this Monday. 



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