Ayakashi Triangle: Is The Manga Getting An Anime Adaptation?

According to a given domain, an anime adaptation of the manga “Ayakashi Triangle” by Kentaro Yabuki may be in the planning stage. This would fulfill the wish of many fans.

Fans of Shounen anime could soon see the next series highlight in the house. If you believe the current rumors, an anime adaptation of Kentaro Yabuki’s popular manga series “Ayakashi Triangle” could be in the planning stage.

A website with the domain “https://ayakashitriangle-anime.com/” has recently existed, which still leads to an error message, but shows the logo of Aniplax (distributors of “Kill la Kill” among others ). An indication that the company could take on the production of the anime. However, nothing of this has yet been officially confirmed.

That’s What It’s About

In Japan, mysterious beings called Ayakashi are up to mischief. A special task force of spiritually gifted ninja can counter this threat. The young Matsuri is one of those ninja exorcists and takes up the fight against the monsters to protect his childhood friend Suzu.

But when an ayakashi cat named Shirogane shows up one day, his world is turned upside down. In the best gender-bender manner, the nasty cat Matsuri curses him, which turns him into a girl.

With his new work, Kentaro Yabuki (“Black Cat”, “Love Trouble”) addresses gender roles, sexual orientation, and love for a person regardless of their gender. Suzu often asks himself how they secretly stand after their transformation into their own Swarm Matsuri. Of course, the Shounen manga does not dispense with the usual ecchi elements.

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Whether and when the anime will be shown is still in the stars. Until then, a lot of anime series on Netflix and Crunchyroll and Wakanim are waiting to be discovered by you.


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