Avengers 5: What Will Be The Next Lineup Of Superheroes?

Avengers 5

If Avengers 5 is not announced yet and production on subsequent Marvel movies contains characters that may appear in Avengers 5, we believe a 2023 release date is too early. The movie might begin filming sooner than planned if Marvel decides to go differently. We will Marvel has to say about this.

How many members of the Avengers 5 squad may there be?

The Avengers team has a history of changing lineups, both in the movies and in the comics. At any time, any MCU hero might be summoned. The MCU will require a leadership team to assume the reins as proposed – if Marvel can figure out something other than sending her across the galaxy intermittently with her). Who else could there be? (Please refrain from using the phrase “Defenders”).

Sam Wilson has taken up the role remain from the original lineup. New Avengers, Young Avengers, and a criminal version of the squad known as the Dark Avengers are all in development. So, Marvel might go with the Avengers of the West Coast or maybe the Great Lakes Avengers, which would be sarcastic.

In any of these, the Avengers’ legacy may be continued and refreshed. In particular, the introduction is a significant step forward in Marvel’s long-standing issue with representation.

2 of the Young Avengers

In Young Avengers vol. 15, lesbian. Scarlet Witch’s child, Wiccan, becomes homosexual and begins a relationship with Hulkling, another young Avenger. Prodigy, an African-American bisexual hero, and Nor-Varr, a “not quite straight” figure, are also part of the gang. People from many walks of life may identify as superheroes if these characters were included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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There is a long history of shifting rosters for the Avengers squad, both in the movies and in the comics. Any member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe might be called at any time. It will be necessary for the MCU to have a leadership team take over the reins as stated – assuming Marvel can come up with something other than dispatching her around the galaxy on an occasional basis with her). After all, who else could there be? (Please abstain from using the term “Defenders” in this context.)


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