Attacked by motojets. They shoot one of the leaders of Smata to steal his truck

Mario Roberto Manrique, deputy general secretary of the mechanics’ union (Smata), was shot in the abdomen by two motorcycle drivers who intercepted him and stole his Volkswagen Amarok truck in El Palomar. Police sources informed the Télam news agency that The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon, when the police received a call about the theft of a truck in Cacique Catriel at 800, in the district of Morón. According to the sources, Manrique was intercepted by two armed “motochorros”, who The Volkswagen Amarok truck was stolen at gunpoint. The deputy general secretary of the Union of Mechanics and Related Automotive Transport (Smata), resisted the robbery, for which one of the criminals fired a shot that hit the victim in the abdomen Manrique was transferred to the Posadas Hospital in El Palomar, where he was admitted conscious and lucid, according to the sources. He underwent surgery for the perforation of the colon and stomach caused by the projectile. Once he is ready to be transferred, he will continue with the postoperative period in a Buenos Aires clinic, the sources indicated. The Volkswagen Amarok van was found abandoned. Inside there was a Glock pistol, owned by the victim. According to the survey of the Scientific Police, no ballistic traces were found at the scene and the officers of the 6th police station in Morón were engaged in the survey of security cameras and the search for witnesses. The case is carried out by the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) No. 2 of Morón, which labeled the file as “aggravated robbery and injuries.”

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