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Atlético conquers Old Trafford and gets into the quarterfinals of the Champions League

The Athletic conquered OldTrafford, confirming the good feelings of the first leg and beat United in the Theater of Dreams in an exercise of defensive solidarity and good offensive reading. He knew how to run when he played, play when he lost the match and entrench himself when the duel demanded it. Deserved classification, therefore, of a team that was better in the Metropolitan and dominated both areas in Manchester.

started the Man Utd with more nerve than in the Metropolitan, coming out to press high. Something that Simeone he had anticipated judging by the direct play he sometimes proposed for the intelligent appearances of Griezmann and Joao Felix. The two teams reached the rival area and the fragility of both defenses invited us to think that there would be goals. quarter of an hour oblakin an intervention with the face before Elangaand De Gea, tremendous save from a shot from fromPaul, They saved their own. The defenses confirmed the suspicions. The forwards sharpened their aim.

blacksmith faded, but Paul’s I read the game well and Koke I put the plug in the medullary. cholos had left Kondogbia on the bench, preferring to put together a trivote with five behind, to leave the offensive quartermaster to Griezmann and Joao Félix. The rojiblancos were unconcerned about the starting score, more concerned about surviving the initial rush of those from rangnick on Old Trafford. The locals dominated, but the visitors managed the spaces well against them. He kept the clothes Athletic, that it would be time to swim. The tie in Metropolitan he turned the game into a final when it came to managing it. And there few measure better than Simeone.

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Two goals in eight minutes

The minutes passed and the rojiblancos did not finish connecting midfield and forward. Griezmann He moved intelligently, but Joao Félix spent the first half chasing balls. Until minute 33, when Koke got past the defensive midfield curtain United dating a wall to serve Llorente in space, who served joao felix to mark. It’s a shame that frames was offside by inches. The goal showed the way to those of Simeone: dare to play associating and working in the spaces. A play that undressed the local seams, which attacked above by accumulation, more by push than by overflow. And in that voluntarism stood out a Christian that he would hang down to the bands to participate in the plays, which kept him away from the area for athletic tranquility.

Encouraged by the disallowed goal, the best Paul’s of the season started another play with a deep pass to joao felixwhich touched heel to Griezmann, who fell to the band to serve with the right to the far post, where I gave it headed on goal. Eight touches, movement in front of the ball and a delicious goal. Great news and at an ideal time. The United was full of doubts with a Christian that already left symptoms of frustration. The Athletic he was loaded with confidence with the ball at his feet and silenced the ‘Theater of Dreams’ before going to rest classified for quarters. The second half began with a Athletic bossy, pressing up and disconnecting the Manchester above. The local stands were impatient and Simeone applauded the display of theirs. There was no news of Fred or Bruno Fernandes in the middle, what a Christian desperate. A volley from Sancho, another missing player, greeted game time. Dominated, but not besieged, Atlético watched the minutes pass. rangnick looked for fresh legs with Pogba, Matic and Rashford when Griezmann came close to beating De Gea with a Vaseline. With twenty minutes to go, she still hadn’t touched the United, a symptom of the state of mind of this team. the output of Cavani embarked the locals on the epic and Oblak saved his own in a stubborn Varana. Simeone kept his eleven on the pitch without touching what worked. But Koke it broke and Cholo shielded the spinal cord with Kondogbia. And Atlético threw the blind conquering Old Trafford with sufficiency and less distress than expected. The Athletic he is in quarters and has a twisted fang.

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Data sheet:

Man Utd: Of Gea (7); Dalot (6), Varane (5), Maguire (5), Telles (4); Fred (4), McTominay (5); Elanga (6), Fernandes (4), Sancho (4); Cristiano Ronaldo (5). Coach: Rangnick (5). Substitutions: Pogba (5) for Elanga (m.67), Matic (5) for McTominay (m.67), Rashford (4) for Bruno Fernandes (m.67), Cavani (4) for Fred (m.77) , Kill by Maguire (m.82)

Atletico Madrid: Oblak (9); Llorente (8), Savic (6), Giménez (6), Reinildo (7), Lodi (7); Koke (7), Herrera (5), De Paul (8); Joao Felix (7), Griezmann (8). Coach: Simeone (7). Substitutions: Kondogbia (6) for Koke (m.80), Felipe (sc) for Joao Félix.

Goal: 0-1, Lodi (m.41)

Referee: Slavko Vincic (7), Slovenia.

Cards: De Paul (m.43), Matic (m.81) and Herrera (m.81).

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