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At what age did you discover that this is how the toilet brush is cleaned?

The toilet brush is one of those items that you don’t really know how to clean. It is always hidden in a corner and is only brought out to do the “dirty work”. Obviously, due to the work for which it is used, the brush concentrates huge amounts of germs that it is advisable to eradicate. What few know is that to clean it there is a simple technique that, in addition, prevents us from getting our hands dirty.

More than the what, the important thing here is the how. The first thing to do is disinfect the brush. Especially his head. To do this, it is best to use hot water in the first instance and then spray disinfectant on it.

But how do we face that task? The obvious thing would be to do it holding it with one hand, but that’s a mistake. There is a much more comfortable and hygienic way. And it is none other than “pinching” the brush handle with the toilet lid. Thus, we can work on it without having to touch. Also, the brush part will stay inside the toilet, so any liquid will fall into the water. Well, the first thing we should do is apply the hot water and the disinfectant and let the brush dry in that same position. Once dry, we keep it in its base.

It is recommended to perform this operation at least once a week. Yes ok, can be done more often.

The trick to clean

It is clear that cleaning the house is a tedious task. Almost no one likes to do housework, but there are always tricks that can be put into practice to save time and effort when it comes to getting your house ready. In fact, social networks and WhatsApp groups have established themselves as a good niche in which to seek advice so that you can learn tricks that will make your life easier. Cleaning is synonymous with health and you have to take that into account. After ironing the clothes and picking up the laundry, one of the laziest things you can do in the day-to-day life of the house is, without a doubt, cleaning the windows. Very few people have effective tricks in this regard. We almost always complain that the crystals are dirty because we wipe them with a cloth that is not the right one or because they are shiny. For that, cleaning experts have tricks that can be effective, such as using cleaning alcohol. It does not need drying and is very easy to use. Just apply it and you’re done. There is no need to pass a subsequent cloth. These are all advantages because you save both materials and time. And that when doing housework is gold. Remember that periodically in our Decoration section you will find the best tricks to have your house ready for very little money. On many occasions the key is not just spending little money. You also have to know how to invest it well so that the effort is worth it.

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