Army Of The Dead 2: Zack Snyder Teases Huge Update

There are a plethora of fan theories surrounding Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, and one of the most popular will seem to play a part in the film’s upcoming sequels. 

Recently, the filmmaker alluded to a “time loop,” which gives credence to claims that some elements of the film indicate a reality-bending version of the movie in which the protagonists have been trying their heist repeatedly, meeting their destiny, and “respawning” at some point. 

As a symbol of this in Army of the Dead, three identical weapons are lined up within an inexplicable vault, among a pile of dead persons clothed in the same manner as the squad members.

This idea has received a great deal of support from the public. 

Vanderohe (Omari Hardwick) is the one who brings it up in the film, albeit he does not dwell on it for very long at all. Snyder said that he was a “huge fan” of the mythical backdrop of the setting in which he was working on the game. Snyder claims that a plethora of outstanding elements have now been included in your time loop pleasure experience. 

In a recent interview with Inverse, director Zack Snyder hinted at the return of a central series character and the title of the sequel, which is Planet of the Dead: Resurrection. Matthias Schweighöfer plays the role of Ludwig Dieter, a safecracker who is the epitome of all that is right in this world. \

However, it turns out that Ludwig is the main character of the prequel, which takes place before the Zombocalypse. The prequel depicts Ludwig’s run of high-profile heists to raise money for his family. Snyder has indicated that Ludwig may return in the next Planet of the Dead sequel, Planet of the Dead: Resurrection.

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Final Thoughts

“Once the safe door was closed and secured, the real adventure could begin. What exactly is happening here? Is it true that Zeus was the one who killed him? Even though his death is not documented on video, there is still time to save him. While I am not sure what happens in Army of the Dead 2, also known as Planet of the Dead,” I can guarantee that Dieter will make it out alive.”

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