Apple tvOS 15 is Live: All The Updates and Features

Apple has recently launched some of its new software like IOS 15, macOS, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8. But nobody talked about the tvOS update, also Apple didn’t mention it in the WWDC event held on 7th June 2021. So nobody expected that they will also receive a tvOS 15 update. But it is available now. Although Apple’s tvOS is never as great as IOS updates, there are some pleasant features. Now let’s have a look at Apple tvOS 15 top features.

Features of the new Apple tvOS 15

Here is everything new with Apple tvOS 15:

Other new features related to Apple tv and AirPods pro,max etc.

Apple tvOS 15: App Features

For all of you feature in the new tvOS 15
For all of you feature lets, you share a recommendation with your friends and family.
shared with you feature in tvOS 15.
The shared with you feature enables movies and shows shared through messages to appear on Apple TV.

Two additional features were added that are ‘All of You’ and ‘Shared With You’ which offer recommendations customized for you, or all of you depending on the number of users you’ve added to Apple TV. Each recommendation taken into account is based on an individual’s taste and viewing history so that everyone gets the best of experience.

The Shared with You function lets you see the shared movies, music, etc.. items from the Message app on iPad, Mac, or iPhone on Apple TV.

HomePod mini

Integration of HomePod as speakers to Apple TV.
Turn your HomePod to default Apple TV speakers.

Now you can pair a single or a pair of HomePod as speakers to Apple TV 4K, meaning you can play wirelessly on HomePod mini while gaming, streaming, etC. Also, with eARC in HomePod mini, you can take TV’s audio and play it from HomePod mini through eARC HDMI.

Spatial Audio

Spatial sound Feature.

Now connect your AirPods, AirPods Pro, Max, or Bluetooth headphones to Apple TV 4K. Or your wireless speakers like HomPod and AirPlay 2 or Bluetooth speakers same for the wired speakers. Get a theatre-like experience that surrounds you with support dynamic head tracking and enjoy 360 degrees sound. It also works with Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital 7.1, and 5.1.

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For the best surround sound experience, place HomePod within 25 centimeters of a wall and as close to the center of your TV.

Smart AirPods

Notification of AirPods in Apple tv.

You will get an automatic notification on the TV to connect your AirPods whenever you pop them out.

New Screensavers

New Screensavers from tvOS 15 update

16 new slo-mo screensavers from beautiful landscapes which include shots of Grand Canyon, Patagonia, and Yosemite National Park were added. Each location has 4,5 and 7 videos. To see all the new screensavers or the upcoming ones, go to Settings-> General->Screensavers and set ‘Download New Video Daily’ after updating your Apple tvOS to tvOS 15. Because the screensavers might not appear immediately.

Redesigned video player UI

Redesigned video player of Apple TV.

The new video player UI in Apple tvOS 15 comprises a new Progress Bar, large Title View, Info button where you can view details about the content or more episode links, episode name appears above the title of the TV show. Separate audio options are present on the right side of the progress bar, which includes options like picture-in-picture, caption set, audio range.

Face/Touch ID Authentication

Log in/ signup using Touch ID or Face ID

With Apple tvOS 15 you can log in/sign in to apps using Face ID or Touch ID used for authentication right from your iPhone.

HomeKit Enhancement

Some improvements made in the HomeKit accessories they are:

Improved HomeKit features

  • Camera enhancement: now you can view multiple cameras at the same time. With this improvement, you will see who is at the door with the supported doorbell camera.
 View multiple cameras from your Apple TV.
View multiple cameras from your Apple TV.
  • Scenes control: Scenes let you control the accessories in your home. For instance, when you create a watching TV scene, the room lights dim and sets a suitable temperature for your room.
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Control Home accessoris with Scene control.
Scenes let you control Home accessories.
  • Personalized notifications: HomeKit accessories send you notifications, for example, Doors, locks, etc
HomeKit accessories notification.
HomeKit sends you notifications like when someone is in the Backyard.

Siri HomePod improvement

Improved Siri HomePod integration.


With improvements in Siri on HomePod now you can give new commands like “Hey Siri, play Ted Lasso”. Also, Italian Siri is available.

What is missing?

Shareplay feature in tvOS 15.

SharePlay: One of the most exciting features is the ‘SharePlay which allows the user to listen to music, watch movies with their family and friends from the TV while you’re on FaceTime calls. It has a screen-sharing option too. But unfortunately, the feature is delayed.

Maybe later this year we will see the SharePlay feature.

How to install Apple tvOS 15 update?

For installing the new update, users need to have an Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K

Follow the steps to install the tvOS 15 updates:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Apple TV.
  2. Go to the System menu.
  3. Click on Software updates.
  4. Then click on ‘download the latest software.

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