Anthony Albanese, the new leader who wants to change the image of Australia

SYDNEY.– The next Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanesewho claims to be a man of the people, managed to survive a serious road accident and resurrect the Labor Party to end nine years of Conservative governments.“I thought it was the end”Albanese told local radio when describing his hospitalization last year after an off-road vehicle driven by a teenager collided with his car.Australian Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese speaks to supporters at a Labor Party event in Sydney, Australia, on Sunday, May 22, 2022, after Prime Minister Scott Morrison admitted defeat to Albanese in the federal elections. At the time, Labor was trailing in the polls, far behind the Prime Minister’s Conservatives. Scott Morrison.Anthony Albanese, nicknamed Albo by his followers, said that his near death experience gave him the energy to change everything.At 59 years old, he can boast of having recovered on all fronts: he has regained his health, has consolidated his authority as party leader and has lost 40 pounds. His suits have become more elegant and he has changed his metal glasses for black ones from Mad Men. But above all he managed to labor returned to powerthanks to targeted attacks on the government’s handling of the pandemic and the catastrophic fires of the summer of 2020.Albanese was first elected to Parliament in 1996. In his first speech, he thanked his mother, Maryanne Ellery, for raising him in difficult financial circumstances in social housing in Sydney. Member of the Labor Party since secondary school, Albanese was the first member of his family to go to college. His working class origin, he affirms, has shaped his vision of the world.“It says a lot about this country that someone with my background can stand before you today, hoping to be elected Prime Minister tomorrow.”, he said the day before yesterday with his voice cracking with emotion.Australian opposition leader Anthony Albanese takes a selfie with supporters at a cafe in Sydney, Thursday, April 21, 2022. Australian opposition leader Anthony Albanese takes a selfie with supporters at a café in Sydney, Thursday, April 21, 2022. Albanese says his mother, a Catholic, decided to take his father’s last name despite not having married or lived together. “I grew up thinking I was dead,” he explained. “It says a lot about the pressure that was put on women,” he said. After the birth of his only child, NathanIn 2000, Albanese decided to search for his own father, Carlo Albanese, with the help of an old photograph. She found him in his hometown of Barletra in Italy and reconciled with him before his death in 2014.”In the last conversation we had, we were glad we met”, the politician told ABC. Labor has only been at the helm of government for five years since Albanese was first elected to Parliament. In 2007, the Executive appointed him transport minister during the term of Kevin Rudd, a position he held during the following term, that of Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Finally, became leader of the opposition following Labor’s defeat in the 2019 election.Opposition leader Anthony Albanese, future prime minister, smiles after casting his vote in SydneyOpposition leader Anthony Albanese, future prime minister, smiles after casting his vote in SydneyLUKAS COCH – AAPDuring the campaign, he was unable to answer journalists when asked about the unemployment rate and the central bank’s interest rate.An oversight he achieved take advantage of: “Everyone will make a mistake in their life. The question is whether you learn from him. This government keeps repeating the same mistakes.”he said. After confirming today that he will govern the country, Albanese, who will take office tomorrow, He promised to improve the image of his country, widely seen abroad as a laggard in the fight against climate change.“It is an opportunity to send the message that there is a change in government and that there will be a change in policies on things like climate change. The Australian people voted for change”, he celebrated.AFP Agency and Reuters

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