Anime; Black Bullet

Anime; Black Bullet, Where & How to Watch? Latest season and Cast details you should know.

The story is about a parasite virus destroying the planet. The name of a parasite is ‘Gastrea.’ But many people without having any influence on the walls of the monolith, whose characteristics can only destruct Gastrea. Many kids were born with superpowers and became hazardous to Gastrea.

To fight against the rest of Gastrea, the Civil Security Swords were formed, in which most of the members were girl members for an unknown reason, and those kids or girls were all the cursed children. This squad contains cursed children with their promoters also. Rentaro is a chief person in Black Bullet, a promoter who got to know about the affair of Cursed Children. 

The previous season of Black Bullet launched in 2011, a series of 7 parts based on a light novel. Directed by Masayuki Kojima and animated by Kinema Citrus, also known as Orange studio. But after the seven episodes launched in 2012-2014, manga adaption developed; 4 volumes were aired separately, with the story continued. After those four episodes or volumes season was completed with a total number of episodes of 13 in 2014. And in between 2014 and a half 2021, there was no news related to the next season. But now the wait Is over.

Release Date

Fans almost left the hope of watching the next season for nearly six years, which is obvious somehow. But suddenly, in Early 2020, an announcement was made; it is expected to come in 2020 July. But, everyone knows July 2020 passed away a long time ago. Once again, fans were broken. But, according to some sources, it could be announced that we can expect it to release in early 2022. 

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Well, talking to the cast, there is no official statements regarding that, but we may expect some previous season characters with the new additions and merging into the show. We may also expect some storyline changes, which could replace the old characters because it’s been almost six years, the story will move forwards accordingly.


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