Anime Adaption, Call of the Night, What Sources Confirmed About the Series?

Anime Adaption, Call of the Night

Most of the times anime series find their source of inspiration from manga. One such anime coming in the upcoming year is the Call of the Night. Fans are very much anticipating the release of the same soon. The official details regarding the adaption recently found their way on the Internet.

Call of the Night: Anime Adaption

Call of the Night is finally getting an anime adaption in the next year. The revelation of Kotoyama’s manga of the same name as anime took place via Twitter on November 10, 2021. Furthermore, the announcement also followed the arrival of a teaser trailer on Twitter. Call of the Night will get released in July 2022. However, the official release date has not yet been set. It will air originally on the Noitamina Programming Block of Fuji TV. One can expect to watch the anime on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Call of the Night: What is the Manga About?

Call of the Night Manga features the relationship between a vampire and a human. Ko Yamori is a human who wants to become a vampire. He also meets Nazuna Nanakusa, a vampire. But, little does Ko knows that it is not easy to become a vampire. One day, Nanakusa invites Ko for spending the night together in her place. However, he wakes up a night after feeling someone kissing his neck and biting. Later on, they begin meeting every night after she finds him delicious after tasting his blood once. They not only have late-night conversations but also adventures. But, is there something else between them? Furthermore, a girl from the past of Ko comes into his life again. She is cute and fights for Ko’s attention. Then, Ko’s relationship with Nazuna is put to test.

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 Anime Official Website

Call of the Night has also an official website for the anime. The website also confirmed the development and production of the series is going on. Furthermore, other official details regarding the anime will also be updated via the website only. The animation studio involved in the making of the anime series is the LIDENFILMS. They also released a teaser with Creepy Nuts track for the series recently. Moreover, the leading voice-over casting details are revealed. Gen Sati will give voice to Ko Yamori while Sora Amamiya to Nazuna Nanakusa. Revelation for other casting details is yet to take place.


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