Anil, show your face, your time is up

President and coach, during a day of work in Paterna LAZARO DE LA PENA

Anil Murthy always feels above everything and everyone. What no one expected is that he was also able to question his boss’s management skills.. That in Singapore and Spain is synonymous with problems at work. Will the president resist the latest installment of SUPER audios? Peter Lim, as always, has the last word. Whether he remains in office or not, Anil has hit rock bottom. His continuity is unsustainable. It’s all fire. Which older? With the coach, the captains, the institutions, the fans and the neighborhood of Benicalap. Will he be able to look all those people in the eye? Today it is his turn to show his face in Paterna. Let’s see how she explains to Gayà and Soler that he has offered them to Barcelona behind their backs. Let’s see how he explains to Carlos about the blackmail of the 100,000 euros. Let’s see how he explains to Bordalás that his approach in the final was not the best. Nobody trusts him anymore. He can no longer fool anyone. Whether he stays or not, his time at Valencia is over.

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