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An iPhone 14 Pro Max mockup shows the size of the holes on the screen

We recently talked about how Apple would have changed the design for the iPhone 14 Pro Max to eliminate the notch once and for all. However, Apple has been incorporating Face ID since the launch of the iPhone X, a biometric identification system that, although it allows a high degree of security, It comes with the inconvenience of requiring more space than usual.
That is why, at the time, the notch was chosen to integrate all the sensors, but Apple wants to get rid of this hallmark and provide greater use of the screen, something that would be obtained by making holes in the screen so that the sensors can see through.
Geeknetic A mockup of the iPhone 14 Pro Max shows the size of the holes in the screen 1

As shown in Phone Arena, the mockup seems to reveal that the screen will get rid of the notch, but the sensors that hide behind it would not have changed its size, so these holes will be relatively low inside the screen, in addition to be of a size to consider. Last but not least, it seems that with the iPhone 14 Pro Max an even larger camera system will also arrive, which will make the gap between the lenses and the back of the terminal more pronounced. End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments!
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