An excessive weight on the back of the youth squad

An image of Jesús Vázquez in the Derby JM Lopez It has always been said that man is the only animal that falls twice with the same stone and it seems that the managers of Valencia are willing to take this saying for granted. Haven’t the academy players already put up with a lot of pressure in this last stage of sports devaluation? The words of Anil Murthy, obstinate in betting everything on the Academy, disturb me. With only half a season filming taking place, do they already want to give Jesus Vázquez the side, who can still learn many things from Gayà before assuming that responsibility? We are heading towards a delicate season with few resources, with a squad that is going to weaken and that will need an extra dose of skill in order not to run into trouble. A server has followed the Mestalla for nine years and is not suspected of wanting to cut off the promotion of talent, Quite the opposite, but the best thing for their growth is to make the leap little by little and progress straightened by the hand of references in the locker room and on the pitch.

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