Alfredo Leuco: “Zaffaroni wants to free Cristina”

Without dropping his face in embarrassment, the former Judge Eugenio Zaffaroni He proposed a presidential pardon to free Cristina from a conviction for state corruption. Zaffaroni is the head of the “impunity operation”. The intellectual author of all the traps and Chicanas to elude justice. Today he directly recommended that President Alberto Fernández appeal for a pardon because it is the “only tool available to preserve democracy.” The defender and close friend of Amado Boudou assured that they want to ban Cristina and called on the K militants not to measures of physical violence because that only leads to the death of the most vulnerable.” With his denialist fanaticism, Zaffaroni ignored the support of the association of prosecutors and magistrates for those who carry out the oral trial and said that “45 million Argentines we live on probation.” With the same fallacy of political persecution that Cristina wields, Zaffaroni lashed out at the prosecutors and judges who “starred in the oral trial with the most shameful known ending ever seen. They have the conviction written and saved.” There is a strong debate among specialists as to whether it is possible to grant a pardon to someone who, for now, has not been sentenced. Perhaps that is why Zaffaroni proposes it in the event that Cristina is convicted. But there are others who are even more savage who say that the pardon should be given right now to avoid suffering and ridicule from the boss. And they exhibit jurisprudence. It was in 1989 when Carlos Menem pardoned guerrilla criminals and state terrorists.At that time, the Court endorsed such a mess.The prestigious constitutionalist, Daniel Sabsay said that this “is nonsense” because there can be no pardon without punishment. What would it be, a preventive pardon?, he wondered. Contrary to what he said today, a few months ago, Zaffaroni stated that he did not like the pardon, because it did not annul the crime. Politically, it would be the maximum humiliation that can be subdue Alberto and Cristina. Alberto, for forcing him to appeal to a monarchical aftertaste that would make him an accomplice of the kleptocracy and Cristina because his name would be associated with that nefarious instrument for life. And something else. What will happen to the other causes, such as the notebooks of the K bribes, which seem to have the same fate of conviction as that of Vialidad? How many times does Zaffaroni propose that Cristina be pardoned? In April of this year, I highlighted the statement from the Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities, ADEPA, which emphatically repudiated what it called “a new attempt to associate the media with Hitler’s diaries and Stalin”. Zaffaroni had spewed these words on a Kirchnerist radio as a result of what he considers “a media concentration that generates a unique reality.” He speaks of a “new attempt” because he had already done so a year earlier. Adolf Hitler, the culprit of the Holocaust, appears very often in the dirty mouth of Eugenio Zaffaroni. That time, it was like a gloomy gift for journalist’s day. He compared our office to “a single party, like Hitler’s.” A repugnant threat. Zaffaroni, on the other hand, garnered a widespread repudiation led by the political representation of the Argentine Jewish community and the entity that brings together all journalistic entities. He was accused of “banalizing the holocaust” and of stigmatizing the exercise of journalism in freedom and with independence.That was the last time Zaffaroni appealed to Hitler as an argument.But the first time was against Néstor Kirchner. It sounds weird, but it’s strictly true. The archives of the time can be consulted. It was in 1998 and in Santa Cruz. He had been invited by Frepaso to help in the fight against the eternal re-election that Kirchner wanted to install and managed to install as governor. Zaffaroni appealed to “the Constitution of the Weimar Republic” and to “Hitler”. In April 2016 and with the aim of helping Cristina in one of the cases that she still has in court, Zafaroni said that “the criminal figure of the administration fraudulent was copied from the Penal Code of Hitler’s Germany”. In January 2011, in a report for Tiempo Argentino, Zaffaroni assured that “Macri is obnoxious but he can win votes. If even Hitler won many votes. Many genocides win votes.”Zaffaroni is one of the people who has done the most damage to our country in recent years. He had carnal relations with two dictatorships. Today he defends the Chavista drug dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro and the Cuba of the Castros. During the state terrorism, he did not give rise to any of the 120 habeas corpus on disappeared detainees who passed through his office and, on the contrary, wrote a military manual in which he justified the coups and in which he discriminated against homosexuals to that were not part of the Army. The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo headed by Hebe de Bonafini a few years ago defined him as a “judge of the country” because he militates for Kirchnerism but before they had included him in a list of 437 judges who collaborated with the military dictatorship. Don’t lie, doctor. Look, we have the clipping of that one you requested. There are your flaws that denigrate the human condition and are decidedly immoral and humiliating for the victims. That ruling should be taught in law schools as an example of aggression against the dignity of women, despite the fact that many militant women against violence never said a word about this, perhaps to protect a fellow Christian. I’m talking about the ruling Tiraboschi where he minimized the rape of a little girl because it was carried out with the lights off and because it was not penetration but oral sex to which the little girl was forced. Zaffaroni imposed a penalty for indecent abuse and argued that the maximum penalty should not be applied because, among other reasons, the victim, an eight-year-old girl, had been abused with the lights off and, in the words of the sentence, “the only imputable act was carried out in the dark, which further reduces the traumatic content of the unfavorable experience of the minor”. Did she hear right? Zaffaroni called the penetration that a degenerate son of a bitch made her through her mouth “unfavorable experience of the minor”. She only paid a fine for having rented her apartments so that prostitution could be practiced in 5 of them. little, now Zaffaroni proposes to free Cristina with a pardon. It will not be much?

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