Alfredo Leuco: “The thousand days that sank Argentina”

It looks like a provocation by Alberto Fernández. A self-celebratory video to wet his ear and humiliate millions and millions of Argentines who suffer from this government that is clearly the worst in democratic history. They did not solve any of the serious problems that existed and created new difficulties. Alberto is a president who does not preside and who was emptied of content by Cristina and by his own uselessness. However, he tries to fool the citizens with a propaganda spot titled “A thousand days for Argentina”, “People first”.It is a compendium of falsehoods. It could win the Oscar for best commercial fiction short. It is difficult to find a truth, as it is difficult to find a success in this disaster produced by Alberto, Cristina and Massa. Would any of the pimps around him have advised such an antics to regain centrality? Do they think people are stupid? Daniel Sabsay’s tweet summarizes like few others a general thought. He says this: “The Presidency has made a report on the thousand days of management. Pinocchio says that he has the peace of mind of having fulfilled his duty. He seems to be delusional in a fantasy world, he ignores a reality of poverty, destitution, starvation pensions, inflation, recession, insecurity.” Alberto said that he was afraid of becoming a puppet of Cristina and it was much worse. He was a scarecrow and, at this point, he is a hologram, without an agenda and without ideas that tarnishes the presidential investiture. Today we met the terrible inflation of August. The consultants calculate that by the end of the year we will reach the shocking percentage of 100%. That is like saying that we will be at the gates of hell and the catastrophe of the economy. The IMF has called such inflation “devastating.” Is that having fulfilled those who are below? Is that helping the latter, as Alberto said in his speeches? doOr do you not know that the one who suffers the most from the inflationary disaster is the one who has the least?Alberto exhausts us when he uses the pandemic and war as an excuse. Only Venezuela has more inflation than us in the region. Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador do not reach a monthly point. Brazil had deflation. Didn’t they have a pandemic? Didn’t the Russian invasion shock you? Today, Alberto in an act said that “a large part of inflation derives from the global context.” Enough of sarasa, please.My criticisms are against the president, because he is the one who appears as the exclusive protagonist in the video. But we cannot exculpate what happens to us, not even Cristina, who is the boss of all and the main victimizer, and Sergio Massa, who helped Cristina win the elections and today goes against his Chavista project. Just listen to Hugo “Cachorro” Godoy, the CTA unionist who called for a march to repudiate economic policy and the IMF while Massa was hugging those boys.The celebration of Fabiola Yañez’s birthday, during the quarantine (Archive) This is an authoritarian government that points its cannons against justice, the opposition and journalists in order to achieve the impunity that Cristina hopes and despairs so much. This is the government that stole the vaccines and vaccinated its leaders and militants, the one that made a vip party in Olivos, the one that did not have the slightest sensitivity towards the relatives of the almost 130,000 victims of Covid and malpractice with vaccines, the one that jumped to the jugular of half the world trying to politically use the reprehensible and despicable attack against the Christina’s life He could go on for hours remembering her lack of empathy for retirees or her brutal adjustment to the disabled. Or the permanent attack on the Supreme Court or on the judges and prosecutors who judge Cristina. They accuse them of having a relative and blah blah or playing soccer on a field on Macri’s farm, but in Santa Cruz they grossly violate the Constitution. They appointed with the arrogance of the number as a member of the Superior Court a childhood friend of Máximo, campaign contributor and ex-minister of Alicia. His name is Fernando Basanta and he is for the Guinness Record because he is a lawyer but he does not even have a license because he never practiced as such.That is the addicted justice they want for the entire country.But some need numbers to argue with data. In these thousand days, in addition to the 100% annual inflation that is coming, we must register the 20 million poor, the 20 thousand SMEs that have been melted, the two years without classes, the almost 5 million pesos per month that Cristina receives as a privileged retirement . Do you want more data? In these thousand days of horror, the public debt grew by more than 100 billion dollars. Did you hear right? A hundred million dollars a day is the rate of indebtedness of a government that repudiates those who took debt. They are hypocrisy plus cynicism. Bow tie on Twitter went in depth: “With Macri’s little adjustment, they threw 11 tons of stones. With the Kirchnerist adjustment, they drink whiskey at the embassy”.In these thousand horrific days that for Alberto are glorious, we must not forget the carnal relations with Venezuelan, Cuban and Nicaraguan dictators, nor the prisoners who were released by the thousands during the pandemic while they closed the schools. In a nutshell. They are a thousand days that sank Argentina.

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