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Alex Guarnaschelli Love Life All about the famous chef.

Alex guarnaschelli is one of the most popular Television celebrity Chefs, following her passion since 2008. She is the star chef, but she also owns ‘Butter Midtown’ in New York. She also wrote books on food and cooking previously and continuously. Alex is 52 years old and makes her day 20th June. She previously came from a chef’s background as her mother was the editor of cookbook Maria Guarnaschelli.

Being a famous chef, she also gets the butterflies for her relationship, and now fans want to confirm whether she is still engaged. 

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Is She Engaged?

Well, talking of Television and Paparazzi and sources, she seems to be engaged yet. Also, she appeared wearing a ring in the show ‘Chopped’ in 2021. So, it’s not old assumptions, high rate of bringing true. 

Alex announced her relationship with Michael Castellon in 2020 and got engaged. They were previously together for approximately five years. But previously before being with Michael, Alex was married to Brandon Clark from almost 2007 to 2015, and she had a daughter with him named ‘Ava Clark’

Talking about the ‘People’s Magazine’ published in 2020, Michael (present husband) asked Ava (her daughter with Brandon) to marry her mother, and the answer goes YES, that is when they engaged.

Her Career

She started her journey as executive chef chief in the restaurant ‘Butter Retraunt’ in New York back in 2003. Her Television career started in 2008 when she came to the TV show ‘The Cooking Loft,’ previously, she appeared in the daytime TV cooking show before starting and cooking in the show ‘Chopped’ aired on Food Network. Alex once, in an interview, said at a Google Talk on Food Network back in 2018 that, “I can’t believe it, right? It’s so crazy.

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