Aguilera in conversation with Britney Spears

Aguilera in conversation with Britney Spears about the latter’s conservatorship coming to an end

 Latin Grammy Awards Aguilera appeared to be in conversation with Britney Spears about the latter’s conservatorship coming to an end. A publicist stopped Christina Aguilera, who appeared unwilling to discuss her relationship with Britney Spears and instead replied, “No, we are not doing that now, I am sorry.

Aguilera expressed her pleasure for Britney Spears before fleeing the unpleasant situation. Britney Spears also posted a video of Lady Gaga openly criticizing the singer’s conservatorship on Instagram.

Britney Spears,has more than 35 million Instagram followers, posted a short portion of an interview with Christina Aguilera in which she blatantly called her out for professing she loved and adored her but for refusing to speak.The truth is the same as lying, says 39-year-old pop star Christina Aguilera.

Lady Gaga is greatly appreciated by Britney Spears.

On the red carpet, Lady Gaga took another sly jab at Aguilera by mentioning Britney’s conservatorship, and praising her as well. I would want to thank Lady Gaga for taking the time to do something so nice. You brought tears to my eyes. She wrote, “I love you,” in the message.

Britney Spears’ conservatorship had been the subject of a lengthy Twitter thread authored by Christina Aguilera in June. Since Britney’s situation became public, I have been thinking a lot about her. Who want to be in charge of their own destiny, may not be permitted to do so is intolerable.”

On Instagram, Britney Spears called out Christina Aguilera, prompting a swift response from social media users. For not taking action and then walking away, they were scolded by most. A fan remarked, “I am delighted Britney. I understand that Britney’s turmoil is out of her control, avoided it without seeming.”

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Several others weighed in, saying, “Britney annoyed. “No, we are not doing this right now because Christina Aguilera understands how this industry works,” the man must have meant.

“Britney terminating as wild as the night Trump said he had Covid,” the next person wrote. As a result of the incident, one Twitter user said, “Love xtina but extremely upset it. It is a good thing that Britney is speaking out against her. Another person remarked, “Xtina has always been resentful and envious of Britney’s fame and effect.” Remember when she was a Britney impersonator? “The disease of envy”

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