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Again standing waiting for Lim

Mauro Arambarri, Getafe player and wanted by Valencia CF GETAFE CF

Valencia lives to the limit with Lim. But, in addition to representing dangers, crises are moments of opportunity. And in this case the best are the young people. It is one of the readings of the national team break, with Valencianists scattered around the world and especially in the lower categories of Spain. In the sub-19 is Jesús Vázquez, who like Mosquera is one of those who matures at a forced pace. We have to celebrate it even more knowing that both are armored. The same Guillamón but still not Gayà or Soler, nor Bryan Gil or an Ilaix of whom it is already known that he will not return to Germany. With the turn of the screw that is looming over football due to the law of sport and the new rules of economic control by UEFA, it is when it seems most fundamental that Lim do something. If he doesn’t sell, he still doesn’t, unless you invest and don’t waste an opportunity like this to surround those in the house with veterans and soccer players who make a difference. There is no other way to recover the pulse of the squad, but at the moment everything is still stopped both in inputs and outputs. Little can be done like this with those deep-seated candidates with whom Corona contacts. Low-cost transfers waiting to make room for renewals, see with whom the cash is made besides Guedes and if Arambarri is seriously offered.

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Another of the players on that radar is Segovia. The normal thing is that he does not play more with Levante, no matter how hard he fights to do so. His transfer will be the highest of the summer in Orriols and it seems difficult that he will be below double digits, although it is certain that Quico’s policy will no longer be so rigid. It is Levante and not Real Madrid who has the upper hand and that Felipe is very clear that the best deal for Florentino would be to buy it.

GOING FOR THE LEAGUE The defeat at La Fonteta was not a surprise, but it was an annoyance. And it is that the absences once again took their toll on a Valencia Basket caught with tweezers that fell short. Once again at the gates of the final of their Cup. The good individual performance of the Ouviña, Leti or Gulich was not enough against the lack of freshness in the final minutes. It is the second consecutive blow after the Eurocup but Now it’s all about getting up quickly and reaching the final rounds of the League in the best conditions.

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