After Guzmán’s resignation, the President seeks to maintain the economic program and defines the new minister tomorrow

President Alberto Fernandez communicated tonight to his closest collaborators that he will take a few hours to think about who he will replace Martin Guzman at the Ministry of Economy. “The definition happens for tomorrow,” assured a pro-government leader who made contact with the president. Meanwhile, the Government revealed the President’s decision to “maintain the economic program” in force, which includes an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). “There will not be a sharp turn in the economy,” they assured tonight official sources. Among the candidates to succeed Guzmán were the economists Emmanuel Alvarez Agis, Marco Lavagna and Augusto Costa. In the dance of names, two officials were also counted: Silvina Batakis and Cecilia Todesca, although the versions that circulated in the ruling party did not rule out the possibility that the changes in the Cabinet were not limited only to the Economy portfolio. THE NATION After Guzmán’s resignation, Alberto Fernández spoke with the Secretary General of the Presidency, Julio Vitobello; Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero; and spokeswoman Gabriela Cerrutti, while chatting with the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Serge Massa.Martin Guzmán resigned: Alberto F. met with collaborators in OlivosAlthough the first versions indicated that Massa would attend the fifth of Olivos tonight, the president of the Chamber of Deputies was at home after having attended Tigre’s party, his collaborators reported. Government sources indicated, for their part, that the meeting will not be held this day. Instead, they specified that the President was after a family lunch when Guzmán called him to inform him of his resignation. Official sources also indicated that Fernández “deeply” regretted the decision but that he “respects” it; They added that “the economic program is going to be maintained.” Along with Guzmán, meanwhile, the secretaries of state resigned who answered directly to the minister, except Gregory Chodos, representative before the IMF. Neither did the Secretary of Energy, Dario Martinez, with whom Guzmán had had a strong short circuit in recent days due to his decision to disregard energy segmentation. A source close to the President slipped, in turn, that Fernández is analyzing introducing changes in the Cabinet that will not be limited to replacing Guzmán in the economic portfolio, but could be broader. For weeks there has been speculation about the possibility of a departure of the Chief of Staff, John Manzur. However, his spokesmen assured that the man from Tucuman “remains firm” in office.Little movement tonight in the fifth of Olivos Gerardo Viercovich – LA NACIÓN At the door of the Quinta de Olivos, on Villate street, there was very little movement tonight. But that did not prevent a neighbor from the area from shouting: “Resign all, jets!”, He emphasized when observing that a private car entered the residence.

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