After a summit meeting, Together for Change criticized the Government’s lack of direction and warned about social conflict

After an extensive meeting of his supporter leaders, Together for Change today expressed his “maximum concern” for an “unprecedented crisis” and questioned the government’s lack of direction. In turn, the leadership of the main opposition coalition to Kirchnerism warned that the “internal power struggles” in front of everyone “they add gasoline to the fire of social conflict”.With the presence of Mauricio Macri, who had been absent from the last meetings of the national space table, the bosses in favor of Pro, the UCR, the Civic Coalition, the Federal Republican Encounter and GEN discussed this afternoon the financial and institutional situation in the country. Concerned about the bleeding of dollars, the inflationary spiral and the exchange rate gap, the priests of the space agreed that the crisis could “get worse”, but there were different views on how the force should position itself in the face of the delicate economic situation. After meeting virtually for two hours, the authorities of the opposition conglomerate agreed on a statement in which they harshly questioned the Executive for the “permanent improvisation” and the absence of a plan to overcome the crisis. “This lack of direction, fueled by a political and moral crisis in the government, produces a profound decomposition of the social fabric,” opposition leaders said. They emphasized the need to “reduce public spending” and “stop the issue” of money. In this sense, they promised to promote a bill to “guarantee the autonomy” of the BCRA. In addition, the leadership of JxC stressed that Alberto Fernandez Y Cristina Kirchner “they are the only ones responsible for the collapse” of the economy: “The government subjects Argentines to constant uncertainty that only deepens everyday problems,” they maintained. At the same time, the national table of the opposition coalition warned that the “internal power struggles” in government “they add gasoline to the fire of social conflict”, led, they point out, by the members of the Frente de Todos, in relation to the piquetero organizations that are allied to the ruling party. They also rejected the harsh attack that the vice president activated yesterday Cristina Kirchner against the Supreme Court of Justice: “We note with concern the criminal and conspiratorial attitude of the vice president, who not only empties the presidential figure, but also attacks the rest of the institutions,” they said. Today, Fernández endorsed the onslaught of the vice president against the judges: “Our Justice needs an urgent reform”, said the head of state. Alerts for the play of Cristina Kirchnerthe heads of JxC reiterated that they will block any “institutional subjugation attempt”. Mauricio Macri reappeared in Vicente López Together for Change sought to send signs of unity in the midst of financial turbulence due to the crisis that the Government is going through since the surprise resignation of Martin Guzman as Minister of Economy. The blue dollar today exceeded 300 pesos and the country risk reached 2,816 basis points, in another black day for the president Alberto Fernandezwhich has failed to rebuild confidence in the markets, despite the announcements it made last week Silvina Batakis, Guzmán’s replacement. During the talk, the leadership of JxC discussed what should be the position of the force in the face of the worsening of the crisis. Specifically, they analyzed whether it was necessary to exhibit a gesture in the face of the fragility of the economic and political scenario. In his intervention, Macri suggested that Together for Change must exhibit “consistency” and “leadership” in the face of the crisis. In turn, he asked to be “forceful when communicating.” The former president was in tune with the proposal he made Elisa Carrio a couple of weeks ago. In turn, Patricia Bullrichwho was in Entre Ríos, where he appeared together with Roger Frigerio, demanded to promote in Congress a bill to “cut” with the issuance that the BCRA and show a gesture of austerity: reject the increase in the allowances of national legislators. After his intervention, Bullrich left the meeting to continue his activity in Paraná. The former minister believes that JxC must have a proactive attitude and “be present in the face of an absent government” to avoid “further damage to the economy.” For her part, Senator Martin Lousteau He proposed not to accompany the ruling party in any project that is not linked to the economic crisis. Larreta, meanwhile, was inclined to maintain a prudent attitude and avoid actions that generate “false expectations” in the public, especially in the face of growing social unrest due to the deterioration of the economy. Specifically, the heads of JxC agreed that the ruling class must show gestures of “austerity” in the face of the crisis. “The economic and social situation that affects the living conditions of the most vulnerable sectors as much as our productive capacities merit that the parliamentary blocs refrain from promoting or accompanying any initiative that implies increases in public spending,” they highlighted. They also highlighted the importance of achieve “the freezing of vacancies in the staff of State employees and that no increase in the income of any public official may exceed the rates that are applied to update retirement and pensions.”Bullrich and Frigerio, in Entre RíosBullrich and Frigerio, in Entre RíosThe call brought together the main leaders of the opposition space. Representing Pro were macri, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, Maria Eugenia Vidal, Patricia Bullrich, Christian Ritondo Y Humberto Schiavoni. The UCR emissaries were mario nigri, Louis Naidenoff, Ernest Sanz, Martin Lousteau, Alfredo Cornejo and the governors Gerardo Morales(Jujuy), Rodolfo Suarez (Mendoza) and Gustavo Valdes (Currents). On behalf of Carrió’s force they were Maximilian Ferraro, John Manuel Lopez Y Maricel Etchecoin. They also participated Miguel Angel Picketto Y Ramon Door, of Republican Peronism; Y Margaret Stolbizer (GEN).

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