After 20 years of marriage, he took a DNA test with his five children and what he discovered devastated him

Social networks were news again for spreading a strange case in the country of Nigeria. When it went viral, they found all kinds of reactions. In this particular case, a 57-year-old man, whose identity was not revealed, decided, incredibly, submit their five children to a DNA test after being married for 20 years. With causes that are still under investigation, due to the time that passed and the curiosity that aroused him, this person found a surprising result. found with the result that he is not their father. Upon receiving such news, he showed a completely despondent countenance in a publication on the platform Facebook what did you do Henry Nwazuruahu Shieldformer special assistant to the minister of FCT, Bala Mohammedgovernor of the state of Bauchia town located in the north of the country of Nigeria and that has, in an estimated number, 637 thousand inhabitants.“The man is 57 years old, he did the DNA test on all his five children and none of the children were his. He was married for 20 years. They are telling him that he ‘be a man’. okay.”, appears in the text where this unusual story was published that showed the darkest side of a person who had an affair with a woman for many years, but found himself with an emotional setback that his firstborn are not from his very blood.The Facebook post that opened the controversy Photo: FACEBOOK / Elder Henry Shield As it had a great impact on digital platforms, users who interacted with the post of Nwazuruahu Shield were outraged by this story and expressed their discontent in the comments.“What prompted you to get your DNA done 20 years after your marriage? Is there no resemblance to children? Maybe she had fertility problems. Well, you can have kids at 67. The other children will not abandon him, ”said a follower named Ezi Maya Ihemanmawho launched an optimistic outcome to a chilling event. Another person who closely followed the issue, named Osawe Izzi Ogie, slipped: “They are their children, no one can take that away from them. Fatherhood is beyond ejaculation. If he is not in them genetically, they are psychologically his children, but he can stay in another universe, far from his unfaithful wife.” Without having more details about the name of the victim, or his wife, a user named Gloria sympathized with this person: “this is heartbreaking. He has been the responsible father of five children for almost 20 years. have so many questions to ask. He is the father of those children, regardless of who his biological father is. Being a parent is being responsible. But, what that woman did leaves me speechless”. Wanting to dig deeper into this curious case, several people got into a more intimate field and faced with a wave of queries they sought to determine the origin of the problem: “Was this man impotent? ? Although the wife discovered his impotence and decided to play along, was it a good decision? ”, They investigated some accounts that entered the general bewilderment.

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