ADEPA repudiated the attack against Cristina Kirchner and asked not to link journalism with a criminal act

The Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities (ADEPA) reiterated this Friday his repudiation of the attack suffered by Cristina Kirchner, and rejected the criticism of officials and pro-government leaders, who linked the journalistic task with the attack suffered by the vice president. “The demonstrations of various leaders do not contribute to social peace, and even from state agencies, in which an attempt is made to link, capriciously and dangerously, journalistic work with a unanimously repudiated criminal act, “said the entity. At the same time, it recalled a previous statement in which it had questioned the stigmatization of several journalists and government press workers. ADEPA pointed out that in this line “an escalation of unforeseeable consequences is being fueled”.Throughout the day, from different pro-government sectors it was put into The role of the media was questioned and its informative coverage was questioned.. For example, the CGT accused “sectors of politics and the media” for the violence. The interior minister, Edward of Peter, was more emphatic in his criticism. “He is not a loose madman: there are three tons of editorials in newspapers, television and radio,” he said. In the mobilization that took place in Plaza de Mayo, criticism was also recorded. The actress Alejandra Darín expressed that, for several years, “a minuscule sector of the political leadership and its party media” has repeated hate speech.No one is individually responsible for the actions of others, but those who gave air time to hate speech should reflect on how they have collaborated to get us to this situation, “added the artist. The Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities (ADEPA) reiterates the strong repudiation issued last night after the serious attack against the Vice President of the Nation, as well as the demand for an effective and diligent police and judicial investigation that allows the total and definitive clarification of what happened. Likewise, it reiterates its absolute condemnation of this and any other type of violence that overshadows the ideal of political coexistence and citizen dialogue in Argentina. Social peace and respect for public freedoms constitute the foundations of democratic coexistence. For this reason, ADEPA urges all sectors of society and the country’s leadership to commit themselves in favor of this absolute priority in the difficult times we live in. Demonstrations by various leaders, and even state agencies, do not contribute to social peace. , in which an attempt is made to link, capriciously and dangerously, journalistic work with a unanimously repudiated criminal act. As ADEPA stated weeks ago, when under the pretext of combating hate speech they are promoted, appealing to the stigmatization of journalists and the media, an escalation of unpredictable consequences is being fueled. The hour calls for responsibility and wisdom, which make dialogue possible within a context of civilized coexistence.

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