Adele’s ‘Easy on Me’ Song Release Date, Teaser and More

Adele has revealed a snippet of a new song, her first in six years, and said that the entire song would be released next week.

On Twitter, the pop diva shared a 21-second black-and-white video of herself loading a tape with the song’s title, Easy On Me, into a car’s speaker.

Adele’s ‘Easy on Me’ Single Release Date

Check out her tweet:

After then, the song’s instrumental piano opening plays for 13 seconds.
Her fourth album, Easy On Me, is set to be released on Friday, October 15th, according to her tweet.

It comes after posters and projections featuring the number 30, which is thought to be the title of the highly anticipated album, emerged all around the world.
In the first hour, the video was seen five million times on Twitter and Instagram.

Decoding the Clip

So, what does this clip reveal about Adele’s upcoming album? For starters, the album isn’t a drum ‘n’ bass record, as she indicated (jokingly) in 2019. At the very least, the first 13 seconds don’t imply it.

The first song is a great example of the sort of emotional piano ballad she excels at, with a tune that is instantly recognizable as Adele. Before her vocals begin, the video cuts out.

In terms of the visuals, she’s driving along a desolate American road, pulling a trailer with stuff packed on the back. Something or someone is being left behind.

Adele’s prior practice of calling albums after her age at a crucial year in her life, 19, 21, and 25, would tie the album to Adele’s previous habit of naming records after her age during a pivotal year in her life.


The singer divorced her now-ex-husband Simon Konecki when she was 30 years old (she is now 33) and has maintained a low public profile since then.

There’s a decidedly nostalgic atmosphere there in the sepia video for Hello, the first song from her last album. She had a flip phone with her and she travels even further back in time in the scene, putting a recording of her new song into the car stereo.

She then drives away, waving her arm out the window, signaling her independence.

Pages of sheet music fly out of the vehicle window in the breeze and are scattered behind her down the road, potentially work by Bach and Chopin, including one that might be a new Adele song, according to musician James B Partridge of BBC Radio 5 Live.

And what about the song’s title? Easy On Me misses the more overt request to “take it” easy on her, but there is an inferred reference to someone who has or wants to or wishes they had taken it easy on her.

It appears to follow the pattern of her finest songs, which combine the melancholic hues of loss, disappointment, and passing time with inner defiance that sees her move onward despite the pain.

We’re so glad to welcome her back. What is your thought on her upcoming album? Let us know in the comment section below.

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